How to Change an Apple ID Email You No Longer Have Access To

How to Change an Apple ID Email You No Longer Have Access To

Should users be worried if they forgot their password or don’t have access to their email? Apple users have a particular authentication method. The Apple ID is made to gather all of the critical information and allow you easy access. This convenient feature can help you a lot, but only if you don’t lose track of your email. Sometimes, this can happen and cause unwanted headaches. Whether it is a school or work email, there are cases in which your email might not be longer available. 

But, you don’t have to worry that you have lost your account. There are ways to get it back. In this post, we share some useful tips on how to change your Apple ID email address and recover your account. Keep reading to check the possible methods on how to change apple id email

Method #1

The Apple ID system uses email addresses to identify users. In case you lose access, you can visit the Apple ID page and log in with your existing account. Here, you can change the old with a new email address and save yourself from worries. You can do this with iOS devices too if you have iOS 10.3 or more recent. 

Ready to get started? Here is the step-by-step process that you need to follow:

  • Open
  • Log in with the email address and the corresponding password.
  • Open Account, and then Edit.
  • In the Apple ID menu, you will see the feature Change Apple ID.
  • In the field, add the new email. Click continue.

Do you want to change the email from your device? You can do this if logged into the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. 

  • Click on settings.
  • Open the Apple ID card. Pick the Name, Phone Numbers, Email option.
  • Go to Edit and delete your old email. You can do this by ticking the red mark. 
  • Click on, continue and enter the desired new email address. Click Next and you are all set up. During this step, you might be asked for security question validation. 

What happens when you don’t use two-factor authentication?

When you have entered specific security questions, these can help in the password resetting. In case your device is lost, you can do this process on another Apple device. Use the Find My iPhone feature to help you with this. The email field should be empty before you proceed to click on Forgot Apple ID or Password.

Method #2

  • Use another iOS device to change your password:
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Pick your name and pick the Password & Security. 
  • Go to Change Password.

Method #3

If you switched from two-step verification to two-factor authentication and have a recovery key, you can do the password reset process. 

However, keep in mind that is only available for macOS High Sierra and iOS 11+. This is a randomly generated numerical code that will help you regain access to your Account. 

How to prevent this type of issue?

This time, you got away with it. But, how to guarantee that you won’t lose access for any important accounts? There are a few preventive measures that you should take:

  • Enable and set two-factor authentication for any emergency. Store the code in a secure place that you can aces when you need it.
  • Add a secondary account. There is a possibility of adding an alternative address for emergencies. This trick will help you regain access over a lost account.  Don’t underestimate this useful feature, so make sure to adjust your account now.
  • The third one is probably obvious, but we have to highlight the importance of using your private email. Make sure to avoid using your school or work email for any important accounts or profiles. You have tons of free email platforms available, so don’t rely on the ones you can easily lose. 
  • Besides, you need to do your best when choosing passwords and security questions. Please don’t make them easy to guess. Another beneficial thing is to change passwords often while avoiding the same ones. 

Final thoughts

In this post, we shared a few helpful and simple ways of retrieving your lost account. When you experience issues, you can simply follow the step by step tutorials to gain your access back. 

Also, make sure to follow the prevention tips and avoid hefty situations in the future. Make sure to use your personal and private email for creating identification accounts. 

Don’t depend on the school or work email used at this moment. The possibility of not having access in the future still exists. 

Also, take advantage of the available security features. Apple has several ready for use, so secure your account to avoid any issues. 

What do you think? Would you agree that security is the most important thing?