Best Tips and Tricks for Your New iPad

ipad pro 2020

Apple has released a dedicated mobile operating system for the iPad, called the iPadOS, starting from iPadOS 13. It is still closely related to the iOS for smartphone, but more optimized for the larger display. If you are new to the iPad and its new operating system, here are a few tips and tricks to try:

Use multiple windows

Because the iPad has larger display, it is easy to use multiple windows. This makes the iPad quite handy for multitasking tasks. It is possible to active multiple windows of one app. After opening one window of an app, long press the app’s icon for a while and drag it to the right or left. You can make the second windows to occupy half or one-quarter of the screen.

Use physical mouse

With physical mouse and keyboard, you can turn the iPad into a lightweight laptop. Make sure that you have a Bluetooth-enabled mouse to easily connect it with the iPad. Go to Settings> Accessibility> Pointer Control. Use the contrast, colour and slider control to adjust the appearance of the mouse cursor.

Use Sidecar

It’s another little-known feature that new iPad users should take advantage of. With Sidecar, you can use the iPad as secondary display for the Mac. This is quite convenient if you want to multitask better. For better compatibility and performance, the Mac should have at least macOS Catalina and Skylake processor. In the Menu Bar of your Mac, tap AirPlay and choose your iPad.

Use floating keyboard

Floating keyboard is a smaller version of the regular keyboard and you can position it anywhere on the display. It’s less obtrusive and you can use it with one hand. Many new iPad users are not aware of this functionality that may improve their comfort and productivity. When the regular keyboard is onscreen, pinch it in until it shrinks. Alternatively, you can long press the keyboard icon until the floating option appears. Tap on it to use the floating keyboard. Restore the full-sized keyboard by spreading the floating keyboard with two fingers.  

Type quicker

New iPad users often jab one character at a time on the keyboard, which is time consuming to do. With the QuickPath keyboard, it is easy to quickly type a single sentence. The machine learning algorithm behind this keyboard gradually recognize the path you use to type specific keyboards. The more you use QuickPath, the more accurate it will be. If you want to enable it, go to Settings> General> Keyboards> Delete Slide-To-Type by Word.  

Edit text quickly

With the iPadOS, it is easy to edit text quickly. You can learn new ways to undo, redo, copy and paste text. Evoke a cursor by tapping once and you can move it freely within the text. Double tap on a word to select it and triple tap a paragraph to select it. Use three-finger pinch to copy it. On the destination area of the text, use three-finger spread to paste it. If you want to undo a change, swipe left with three fingers. Swipe right with three fingers if you want to redo something.