EZ Estate, Get your Final Affairs in-order with this app

Talking about your personal affairs and what should happen if the worst-case scenario should come is always a sensitivity issue for many. With what’s going on in the world at the minute and the feel of uncertainty, there’s no better time to get your estate together and give instructions on what you want. Organising a Will generally isn’t difficult but that’s the small part of instructions to give. Your family need to know your exact request and how to follow them.

EZ Estate aims to give your family and friends instructions on what to do with your estate. It allows you to put every single instruction in one app and that’s including your will and testament. The app makes organising and planning simpler for your love ones.

EZ estate let you plan every single details down to the last instruction. You have a place to give instructions on where the personal documents are located, what’s the password for all the important accounts, details of the your life insurance, medical insurance, your will and much more. The app allows you to input all the details by typing or recording a video, which is my favourite. The perfect place to let everyone know who is responsible for what and who get’s what. You can record specific request about your final day and give your love ones a peace of mind because they would already be going through a very stressful period.

There’s a lot that needs sorting out when a person passes away. With the app, you can make sure it’s much less stressful for your family. With clear and concise instructions and details of the location of everything, you can possibly think of. The app will make sure not to leave anything out when you’re setting it up. With all the categories and the progress tracking, nothing is left unturned.

The data input within the app is encrypted and access only through a passcode set by yourself.

EZ Estate is available to download for free on both App Store and Google Play store.