Security Risks of iPhone 12 That You Should Watch For

iPhone 12

For years, Apple’s closed ecosystem has good reputation in terms of security. The fractured and open Android ecosystem makes it easier for attackers to find flaw on specific devices. Manufacturers can also be late in delivering important security holes, further causing various problems. Unfortunately, no man-made creation is infallible. There are always weaknesses that digital criminals can exploit. However, the attack is more probable if users are careless. If you are using iPhone 12, here are security risks that may affect your device.

Face ID

In theory, biometric technology is an excellent way to deter unauthorized access. The iPhone 12 doesn’t have Touch ID, which is not a bad thing, because the latest version of Face ID works very nicely. However, it won’t work if you unlock the phone while wearing face mask. For people who are wearing hat or surgical collar, the Face ID on iPhone 12 should still work well, because their faces are still visible. For better convenience, you add “alternative appearances”, so your iPhone 12 could recognize you better in different situations, such as when wearing face mask. For improved security, it is recommended to enable the “Require Attention for Face ID” feature. This tells the front-facing TruDepth camera that you are awake and want to use the phone. Go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode. This could prevent someone from unlocking your iPhone 12 while you are asleep.


Many people favour the Face ID over the passcode, due to its convenience. However, many people still use passcode for extra security measures. Be aware that the minimum four-digit PIN isn’t the safest, because it’s easy to memorize quickly. Instead of using only numbers, consider using custom alphanumeric characters for your four-digit PIN. Tap the Passcode Options and choose alphanumeric. When combined with Face ID, this could make your iPhone 12 much harder to break into by unauthorized users. It’s even better to use the longer six- or eight-digit PIN with alphanumeric characters.   


Many homes are essentially wireless digital network, allowing compatible devices to communicate with one another and access the Internet. Wi-Fi is a convenient technology to use, but it’s easier for people to enter your network without connecting any physical cable. Mobile users want to continuously get connected, which cause them to rely on Wi-Fi whenever possible. iPhone 12 users should be suspicious of any free Wi-Fi hotspot. Hackers can set up malicious hotspot and sniff the data stream using special tool. It’s completely possible for them to steal passwords and username. A Wi-Fi connection doesn’t seem right, it is a good idea for iPhone 12 users to use regular data connection instead.

Lock screen

When setting the screen timeout for auto-lock, make sure that you set it 30 seconds or less. For maximum security, you shouldn’t let your iPhone 12 to stay unlocked for long. Many users prefer to set longer time for auto-lock, which is convenient for them. Unless you are staying at home all the time, it is better to keep the timeout brief.