Earn Extra Cash With Your iPhone or Android This Year

As Christmas comes to us all, hopefully, you have all your shopping out of the way. If not, don’t worry, there is a little procrastinator in all of us. We know it’s been a tough year and gifts we love are getting lost or delayed in the mail. More people are buying online this year than any before and secret “agents been an unexpected hurdle for everyone. However, you can choose to believe in the magic of Christmas and just maybe, those gifts will get to our loved ones right on time.

If you are looking for some extra Christmas cash, or you need just a little more funds to get the new PS5 or Xbox Series X, then we have a few suggestions for you! We are going to go over some of the best ways that you can make money using your smartphone.

Selling Your Photos

Now, we don’t mean pawning off your best selfies or cute pics of your beloved puppy. What we are talking about is selling stock photos. If you are someone who finds yourself taking a lot of pictures of nature, food, or cityscapes you can actually sell those photos for some coin! Here are a few of the stock image libraries that will pay for your works of art.

  • Snapwire
  • The Moment app from Getty Images
  • Foap
  • The EyeEm Market

Become a Secret Agent

Ok, so maybe not a “secret agent”, but if you download the Field Agent app you can create a profile and start finding work near you. The way it works is by completing surveys, price checks, and product displays at local stores. An example might be running to the nearest superstore to take a picture of a product and answer a few questions about it. Assignments can pay anywhere from a few bucks to double digits! The low end is usually around $3 and higher around $12 per job. You can use PayPal to easily transfer money from your agent account to your bank account.

Odd Jobs

Remember when grandma would give you $20 for mowing the backyard? Well she’s not the only one who needs random chores done! Task Rabbit, a popular job app, can help you locate work, specifically jobs you enjoy and that are in your area. There are all sorts of jobs available via the app like: cleaning, moving stuff, light carpentry and even dog walking, although you can check out the Wag app for a more focused experience for dog walking.

Discount Savings

Using Checkout 51 you can easily save while shopping and even make money buying the products you love. It’s as simple as choosing the offer that best fits you, buying the product and uploading a picture of the receipt through the app.

Get Fit

With the new year approaching comes fleeting resolutions. Let your health be one that you stick with and you can make money! GynPact uses cash to help you stay committed to your goals. All you have to do is download the app, commit to a weekly pact and go through with it. The key is in success, because if you stay on track then you’ll be rewarded for that week. Rewards can vary from $0.30 up to $5 a week!


Have you heard of Fiverr? Well it’s an international internet marketplace that lets you offer your services and skills at whatever price you want to set. Most of the beginning jobs you’ll get will pay $5 but after a few completed gigs you should be able to ramp it up significantly.

Sports Betting

OddsTrader is a service that helps users beat the odds of sports betting sites. It provides thorough and accurate stats, odds, and in-depth information about players and teams. They even include live updates, injuries and weather reports. They seek to best equip their users with all the tools necessary to beat the odds and earn the highest payout via the OddsTrader App for iPhone.

Hopefully, some of these options will provide you with a little bit of extra cash for the holidays. With times being as they are and funds being generally tight for everyone, we are happy to provide some free services to help our readers make it through this year and into the next.