How to Choose Wireless Earbuds for Your Smartphone?

wireless earbuds

In recent years, the popularity of wireless earbuds are exploding and choosing one that matches your preferences can be challenging. If you plan to get a new earbud soon, here are things to consider:

Audio quality

When you are using earbuds, the most important priority is the audio quality. Make sure that the wireless earbuds offer excellent sound over any frequency. If possible, they should have improved bass performance as well. Many earbuds lack proper bass, so it should be a priority for better experience when listening to music, watching movies or playing games. Some earbuds are bass-heavy that can deliver thumping sound to your ears. So, it is important to read reviews from experts to make sure that you will get the best wireless earbuds.

Battery life

One big drawback of wireless earbuds is that, you don’t have unlimited power. Wired earbuds always get power from the connected smartphone, so you don’t need to worry whether it will run out of battery charge during a trip. Other than producing quality audio, wireless earbuds also need to get continuously connected through Bluetooth. Some earbuds could provide more than 25 hours of playback time. If possible, wireless earbuds should use Bluetooth 5 standard for better energy efficiency and stable connection.

Noise isolation

Earbuds are plugged directly into your ear and compared to headsets, they have less effective noise isolation performance. It means ambient and loud noises from outside could ruin the listening experience. Look for earbuds with silicone tips for decent noise isolation. More expensive earbuds have active noise cancellation that can more effectively eliminate unwanted noise. When this feature is enabled, the earbuds will produce a noise that interferes and mostly eliminates the external noise. If earbuds have poor noise isolation, you will need to crank up the volume to better listen to music. This will cause discomfort or even permanent hearing damage.


Wireless earbuds can be more vulnerable to accidental drops. Because they are not wired, they can fall off from your ear. Choose earbuds with good water-resistance rating. When you are working out, sweat can get into the earbuds. They can be damaged due to prolonged exposure to moisture. When you are exercising outside, your earbuds will be better protected during the rain. Look for wireless earbuds with IPX7 certification for proper waterproofing characteristics. Compliance with the MIL-STD 810G standards should also protect your earbuds against unwanted damage. This should make your earbuds more ideal for outdoor adventures. Other earbuds have IP54 rating that also ensures good resistance against water spray, rain and sweat.

Wireless charging

For better wireless experience, it is a good thing if your earbuds can be charged wirelessly. You need a special case for the earbuds to allow wireless charging. Put the case with earbuds in it on the charging pad and it’s convenient to do. There’s no need to use any cable, except for the charging pad. Earbuds with this feature could be more expensive, but you should appreciate the convenience.