Samsung Introduces Galaxy Chromebook 2

galaxy chromebook 2

Samsung’s first Chromebook with AMOLED display was released last year at CES and the new version has been released recently. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 is noteworthy for its QLED display at 13-3inch and 1920×1080 resolution. The display has integrated HDR capability and touchscreen panel. Other than finger input, it also supports USI Pen with 4,096 levels of pressure. It is not as light and thin as the original Galaxy Chromebook, at 13.9mm thick and 1.23 kg. The last year’s model started from $1,000; while the Chromebook 2 starts from $550. However, you get the less capable processor, Intel Celeron 5205U dual-core, dual-thread CPU with integrated UHD graphics. For performance users, they can choose Galaxy Chromebook 2 with Intel Core i3 1011U dual-core CPU, but with four threads. Optionally, you can get 64GB or 128GB storage, and 4GB or 8GB LPDDR3 RAM. If users want an additional storage, there’s microSD slot as well. The Chromebook last for 14 hours with normal use with its 45.4 Wh battery. There are a couple of 5W speakers with Smart AMP, which is sufficiently loud for regular uses. For conferencing sessions with Google Meet, you can use the 720p front-facing webcam, which offers only basic functionality.

The Chromebook 2 is fully functional with its touchscreen display, but if you want to type a long text document, the backlit keyboard is comfortable to use and it should prevent typos. With its 2-in1 form factor, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 isn’t only a tablet, but also a lightweight laptop and portable mobile theatre. Even if you are a casual game, the Chromebook 2 can give some enjoyment. Chrome OS natively supports Android games from Google Play Store. Alternatively, users can download compatible Linux games from Steam. Older titles like Half Life 2 should work well with this Chromebook. Both processor variants have the integrated UHD 620 graphics, which should deliver decent performance for older or lighter game titles.  With Wi-Fi 6 standard, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 could allow fast data transfer, through the Internet or local wireless network. This should help to improve productivity. Other than typing with the backlit keyboard, the USI pen also allows for direct note-taking on the touchscreen display. Doing photo-editing is also easy with the pen, because it will be faster to interact with the software.

Chrome OS allows quick access to any app and connected devices. It also ensures proper multitasking, because you can open and run apps simultaneously. Seamless integration with Google Drive allows you to store files in the cloud, which could solve the limited storage problem of the Chromebook 2. During this pandemic situation, stay connected with family and friends is very easy with Google Meet, although the webcam doesn’t offer the best capture quality. Google Assistant make it very easy to get quick information, control smart devices at home and manage your calendar. On top of the Google services convenience, Samsung adds its own seamless connectivity with other Galaxy devices. The material quality of Galaxy Chromebook 2 is adequate with aluminium. There are two USB-C ports, headphone port and microSD card slot as mentioned above.