xLeague Solitaire – The Competitive Solitaire Game

Close up of playing cards

Card games are a fantastic form of entertainment. Nowadays, these games are available for smartphones. So, if you like playing solitaire and you want to compete for real prizes, we found the Solitaire game you need to try. Read more about xLeague Solitaire. 

What is xLeague Solitaire? 

XLeague is the leader in mobile eSports entertainment. This solitaire game is developed for IOS users, designed for lovers of card games that like to compete. Enter solitaire competitions and play to win cash and prizes. Unleash your inner champion, challenge friends to a match and compete. Have fun and try to rise to the top of the leaderboard. 

Why Do We Love It? 

With this solitaire game you get the chance to compete while having fun. Earn cash and prizes for your achievements. For free, without any ads, you can learn to play and practice with the Practice Leagues. When you are ready, you can enter upcoming Pro Leagues to compete.


The game offers head to head matches and tournaments where you get to solve the same deck as your opponent within a time limit. So, at the end the player with most points wins. Also, cash tournaments aren’t enabled in some countries but you can still play for free.  

So, challenge people to a match, have fun playing and get real awards for your accomplishments. 

Download the game now on App Store to play solitaire and win real prizes!  

Official Website:  xLeague Solitaire   

App Store Download Link: xLeague Solitaire