Three Reasons To Buy Cheap Android Tablets This Year

cheap android tablet

In recent years, affordable Android tables have been largely forgotten by consumers. In reality, they are among the best offers in the mobile industry, compared to the premium tablet models. Some people may consider these tablets as less capable or somewhat disposable, but here are reasons to buy them this year:

Great for kitchen uses

Cheap Android tablets may have mediocre hardware, but they are already adequate for casual digital tasks, like checking emails, watching movies, sending social media replies and playing lightweight games. Cheap tables can be for living room or kitchen tablets to help family members get any information or latest updates. As a kitchen tablet, you can use it to watch YouTube videos, convert measurement units and browse new recipes. Because it’s a cheap tablet, you won’t mind if it’s splattered with butter or flour. Despite their low-price tags, some Android tablets have decent dust and water resistance rating, so you can abuse it. Some cheap models may also last for a week with regular uses. It doesn’t matter if the camera is bad, the processor is weak, the internal storage is small and the RAM is barely enough for demanding tasks.

They work for other purposes as well

While many cheap Android tablets end up in the kitchen, you can so use them for other purposes. You can also use them in workshop area or garage. Through YouTube, you can get instructions to do DIY projects and do light maintenance tasks for your car. It is also possible to get schematics and manuals from certain equipment at home. If it’s time to order replacement parts, you can do it through the cheap tablet, if it’s connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network. It’s easy to get creative if you get a wealth of information and instructions from the Internet. Again, because it’s a workhorse cheap tablet, you won’t mind if it’s covered with grease, paint or glue.

You can get yesterday’s flagship model

Expensive, high-end Android tablets from the past like, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) can be obtained cheaply today. These formerly flagship models should be terrific for your needs. You can find them at good conditions used and because they are incredibly affordable, you don’t need to resell them again. For even cheaper prices, you can get used Android tablets with imperfect conditions, like lightly scratched display or cracked back panel. If you want to use it as garage or workshop tablet, there’s nothing wrong about using these tablets.

Other than Android tablets, you may also consider Amazon tablets. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is quite affordable and it would set you back under $200. However, Amazon tablets are generally less functional, because they support as many apps. However, you can still use them as functional living room tablet for reading e-books or watching movies. If you have been dreaming for an iPad, used models from five or six years ago are still usable today. Used iPad Air 2 A1566 from 2014 are affordable with its triple-core processor and 16GB of internal storage.