Samsung Galaxy S21 is Being Announced and Sky Mobile is Offering a Great Deal

If you have high hopes for Samsung’s next flagship, you won’t be disappointed. The Samsung Galaxy S21 has some major improvements over the current Galaxy S20 models. The South Korean company will unveil the new flagship models in its Unpacked Event on January 14th 2021 and at the time of writing this article, would be a few hours away. Continue reading to get more details about the Galaxy S21 and the Sky Mobile offer.


The regular model of Galaxy S21 looks nearly identical with the Galaxy S20, except for the camera island on the back. It blends with the frame seamlessly, which feels consistent with the overall Galaxy S21 design. The Galaxy S21+ looks exactly like the Galaxy S21, except for its slightly bigger dimension and the glass back. Obviously, the Galaxy S21 is the largest of the two and a major difference is a curved display. Overall, the Galaxy S21 has an appealing visual that’s suitable for a flagship model in 2021.

US version of the Galaxy S21 uses Snapdragon 888 and the international version with Exynos 2100 that’s identical structurally, but at the higher average clock. The Exynos 2100 no longer includes Samsung’s custom core, which contributed to the mediocre performance and power efficiency, compared to its Snapdragon counterparts. This should give International users the performance uplift that they have been craving for. The Adreno 660 GPU should be capable to handle any game out there. Just like any flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has ample RAM. This allows you to run multiple heavy-duty apps and games at once. The Galaxy S21 won’t reload the apps too often, because more apps can be stored inside RAM.


Photography lovers should choose the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its quad-camera arrangement the back. The 108MP primary camera is the 2nd generation type that ensures better results when snapping photos and recording videos. The 40MP camera on the front is more than enough for casual selfie and typical social media use. The periscope zoom of Galaxy S21 Ultra ensures good magnification, compared to software-based solutions. With 8k recording at 30fps, users should get a good balance between high resolution and frame rates, although more perceptible viewers could notice the lack of fluidity, compared to 4k recording at 60fps. Galaxy S21 uses Android 11 with One UI 3.1 on top and Samsung also implemented a number of optimizations to ensure that Galaxy S21 works smoother.


If you’re in the UK, there will be a number of mobile companies that are set to offer contract deals to suit their customers and unless you have about £900 – £1000 (rumoured to cost) spared then you are going to have to take out some kind of contract to afford the device.

Sky Mobile Deal and Reasons to Choose Them

Sky Mobile offer at the moment you can get the Samsung S21 with 50GB data for £45 per month or 2GB of data for only £36 per month.

Sky Mobile offers what they call “Piggybank” so you can roll your data over every month ready for you or family to use. If you are a Sky customer you can watch unlimited Sky TV without using any of your data.

Gone are the days when you have to wait 12-24 months in order to get a new phone. Sky Mobile allows you to upgrade within 31 days. You also have the option to switch your plan every month and pay for what you use. Sky Mobile makes it even easy for you to switch from your old contract provider by simply texting them. You also have the option to keep your current number with no hassle.