How to Choose the Best Screen Protector for Your Samsung Galaxy S21?

galaxy S21

After purchasing the expensive Samsung Galaxy S21, your next task is to protect it. Be aware that the regular Galaxy S21 and the slightly bigger Galaxy S21+ has flat display. The Galaxy S21 Ultra uses curvy display. The overall design of the Galaxy S21 has been refreshed, compared to its predecessor. The large square camera bump that we find on the Galaxy S20 is now gone. The camera island has streamlined shape that flows seamlessly into the smartphone’s frame. This makes your device looks more pleasant and unique. Because the two smaller Galaxy S21 versions have flat display, it should be quite easy and cheaper to install the screen protector. Another important question is whether the screen protector for Galaxy S20 will fit your brand-new Galaxy S21.

This is a somewhat complicated question to answer. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S21+ have similar display size, but the latter sports a flat panel. This means, the screen protector for the Galaxy S20+ is slightly too large, because the S21+ doesn’t have a curve display. Hard tempered glass protector must be a perfect fit, because you can’t flatten its edges. Your safest bet is to purchase screen protector specifically designed for your Galaxy S21. Deciding on the best screen protector could be a subjective matter. Screen protector products could have different features, depending on your personal preferences. Some products antimicrobial protection with special coating that can eliminate bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. You may also consider screen protector that blocks high-energy visible light from the phone and keeps your eyes healthy.

Flexible polymer

If you have Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it is recommended to choose flexible polymer screen protector. However, you may also choose this type of screen protector for the flat-panelled Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+. Because it’s flexible, it’s easy to install on a curvy surface. Some high-end screen protectors have self-healing coatings that repairs light scratches gradually. Another reason to choose flexible polymer screen protector is its cheaper price. It is possible to purchase a pack of multiple flexible polymer screen protector, so you can regularly replace it. If you are not planning to spend a lot of money on screen protector, it’s a good option. It should be very easy to find online sellers who offer these screen protectors.

Tempered glass

As mentioned above, tempered glass can only be used on phones with flat panel. At moderate prices, you can get good scratch resistance and hardness level. It is also a good screen protector if you want to customize your Galaxy S21 more. It could have coloured border with your favourite colour. If you want to align the screen protector better, choose the one with UV curing feature. This gives you enough time to align the screen protector with your Galaxy S21’s display. The glue under the screen protector harden under UV light and you could put the phone near the window after you are done. Some tempered glass protectors also have antimicrobial coating to keep you safe.