New Camera Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung has announced its latest flagship series and as expected, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G offers the best photography solution in Samsung’s line-up. It has four cameras on the back with phase detection and laser autofocus. Here are new camera features of the new smartphone:

Improved 108MP primary camera

The primary camera performs better compared to the first generation 108MP module. It is now equipped with 12-bit HDR feature and can capture 64 times more data on colour, compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Thanks to the laser autofocus module, there should be less focusing issues. The 40MP front-facing camera is very sharp and can capture small details of your face. If you are concerned about facial flaws, the camera app includes optimization features, like beautifying effects.

Two cameras with telephoto features

For daily uses, you can use the 3x telephoto camera and for more ambitious purposes, there’s another camera with 10x magnification. The 3x magnification is more usable than 5x telephoto camera in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra for casual photos. The Space Zoom features allows up to 100x magnification with somewhat reasonable results. The software algorithm stabilizes and sharpens magnified photos.

Better social media integration

Previously, Android has mediocre integration with various social media apps. When you take picture within Snapchat or Instagram app, images will have lower resolution and worse compression. People typically take photos with the phone’s camera app and import them into social media apps. It is a cumbersome thing to do and won’t be convenient if you want to post photos quickly. Samsung utilizes Google’s latest CameraX API to allow 3rd party developers get actual camera outputs.

8k photo snap

Samsung introduced the 8k video recording with the Galaxy S20 and it’s nothing new. However, Samsung embeds a new feature called the 8k photo snap. When recording 8k videos, you can use the snap button to capture very sharp 8k still images.

Better [email protected] recording

Recording with 8k resolution is nice, but it consumes huge amount of storage and videos can be a bit choppy. Many users choose 1080p or 4k video recording for smoother results. With the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, all five cameras, primary camera, ultra-wide camera, two telephoto cameras and front-facing camera can all capture 4k videos at 60fps. This should ensure more consistent results when recording videos.

Director Mode

This new feature gives you the ability to control the camera in a more precise manner. In small windows, you can get previews what all lenses are seeing. You can switch between different lenses, if you think that one of them captures the object better.

Improved macro and night mode

Although there’s no dedicated macro sensor, the ultra-wide camera can work as one. If you capture an object close up, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will switch to the ultra-wide camera. Further software optimization also reduce noise and allows more light in when taking videos and pictures in the dark. The Galaxy S20 Ultra already has impressive Night Mode feature, so it’s certainly a nice addition.