Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

With its new flagship, Samsung has the opportunity to add new features not found on other smartphone models. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most expensive and best-equipped of the three models in the series, offering interesting features that we shouldn’t overlook. If you are a proud new owner of Samsung’s premium flagship, here are a few unique features to explore:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Wi-Fi 6E

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first smartphone on the market with Wi-Fi 6E features. This wireless technology operates at 6GHz band, compared to the Wi-Fi 6 at only 5GHz. It comes with additional channels that can prevent overlapping and interferences. Wi-Fi Alliance states that the Wi-Fi 6E standard has 14 extra channels in 80MHz band and 7 extra channels in 160MHz band to reduce interference and congestion. It could potentially reach a maximum data transmission rate at 3.6GHz. This new standard also ensures much lower latency and overall higher reliability.   

120Hz adaptive refresh rate

High display refresh rate is important to ensure fluid navigation and more exciting gameplay. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra takes it to a new height with the 120Hz adaptive display. Based on the LTPO OLED panel, the Galaxy S21 could reach peak brightness of 1500 nits. When showing static interface, the display could reduce the refresh rate to 10Hz to save battery life. The dynamically-allocated refresh rate should work well when you are checking static image and Galaxy S21 Ultra will rev up the refresh rate to 120Hz when you are playing fast-paced 3D games. This makes the display of Galaxy S21 Ultra potentially more efficient than phones that are constantly locked at 60Hz, even when displaying static interface.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Fastest RAM

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has the fastest RAM on the market with LPDDR5 1z technology. It could transfer 6,400 Mbps data, which is 16 percent faster than regular LPDDR5 RAM modules used by Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It means, a 16GB LPDDR5 1z module could transfer more than 50 Gbps. Compared to the competing modules, the LPDDR5 1z is about 30 percent thinner and it takes up less space. Galaxy S21 Ultra with 16GB LPDDR5 1z RAM uses eight chips, instead of 12 chips on earlier LPDDR5 technology.

108MP camera with 12-bit colour capture

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra isn’t the first smartphone with 108MP camera module, but if we look closer, it has one feature not found on any smartphone. The camera sensor with its gigantic resolution comes with Smart ISO Pro HDR technology that boosts light sensitivity by about 50 percent. It also has the capability to capture 12-bit colour. It’s the first time a smartphone camera can achieve this. The camera of iPhone 12 Pro has 10-bit capability that captures 1,024 shades, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra captures 4,096 shades with its 12-bit capability. In theory, Samsung’s latest smartphone could generate pictures with more than 68 billion colours. This ensures more natural-looking pictures and videos, because colours will look life-like. Another new feature is the PDAF focusing system that improves the accuracy of the camera focus by 50 percent.