Community Advisor – Your Community’s Social Network

There are tons of social networks nowadays for you to keep up with information, people, and activities around you. If you are looking for a social network to get all information from your community at your fingertips, we have one for you. So, read more about Community Advisor.

What is Community Advisor? 

This is a community social network developed for IOS users. It’s intuitive and user-friendly network for you to keep up with anything that happens in your community. With this network you will be able to get all information about your community. In addition, the app offers you to participate in forums, trade, plan activities and easily find services around you.  

Why Do We Love It? 

With this social network you will get all info you need about your community at your fingertips. Find information updated on your feed. Find events and activities around you, post and view categorized forum conversations. Recommend and find services via the Company Advisor and access the community market as well.

Trade in your community market, offering items to neighbors or search for posted items you need. Discover companies and redeem exclusive discounts too. Also, you can share your review about a used service and mark companies as your favorites.  

Search for activities and events and meet neighbours with similar interests. Also, you can create events of your own as well. Complete simple forms to organize events and activities yourself. So, there are unlimited options that range from creating a quiz night, coffee morning, play group, finding players for sports and more. 

Download the app now on App Store to find all community’s info at your fingertips! 

Official Website: Community Advisor   

App Store Download Link: Community Advisor