Space Defenders – The Exciting Space Arcade Shooting Game

Shooting games are a great and fun way to test your reflexes while you try to shoot and defeat the enemies on your way. If you are looking for an exciting shooting game that offers this and much more, we have one space shooting game for you. Read more about Space Defenders.  

What is Space Defenders? 

Space Defenders is an exciting arcade shooting game that is developed for IOS users. With stunning visuals, amazing lighting, and special effects, you will enjoy the galaxy wars full of adventures. Try to survive in the space war, defeat your enemies and protect your spaceships. Save the planet and get ready to fight with enemies to win the wars.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This arcade shooting game offers a thrilling gameplay and variety of features to get you hooked to playing fast. Face lots of evil enemies and deal with powerful bosses in these galaxy wars. Try to survive the space wars to guard and protect the planet.  

Merge and defeat the enemies to protect your spaceships. You will start with a small ship and build your own space team for beating the bosses. Hundreds of challenging space levels are available to test your skills. Show off your skills to defeat all the powerful bosses.  

Upgrade your ships to cause a bigger damage with faster rate of fire and critical attacks. Also, the game offers lucky wheel, daily quests, and free gems every day. Become the best shooter and take control of the space battles in this game.  
Download the app now on App Store to fight your enemies and save the planet! 

App Store Download Link: Space Defenders