Tips for Display, Audio and Video Optimizations in Android 11

Google released Android 11 on September last year and it comes with a variety of new upgrades. If you have a brand-new smartphone with Android 11 pre-installed, it’s a good idea to make the most of it.

Before Android 11, some manufacturers of Android smartphones have included screen recording feature. However, the Android 11 comes with built-in function screen recording. You can swipe down from the top of the interface twice to enable the system-wide screen recording feature. The Quick Settings panel will appear and check the lower-left corner of the screen for the small pencil icon. This allows you to edit the content. Scroll down and tap the Screen Record icon at the bottom. Drag the icon to the active area of the panel. When you check the Quick Settings panel, you should find the new screen recording icon.

This new feature isn’t only for recording videos, but you can also use it to record calls, whether it’s regular voice calls or online calls using an app. When any call is underway, it’s possible to enable the Screen Record feature. Choose Record audio and then change the setting to “Device audio and microphone” from “microphone”. After making this change, the Screen Recorder feature can capture any audio during the call session. However, you need to be aware of local laws before recording a voice call. Depending on the local regulation, the person who you talked to could sue you for recording the conversation without consent. Someone may also steal the audio data, which could compromise your situation if it contains important details.

Among hidden features of Android is the ability to show a video within a small floating window. Android 11 has a more improved implementation. It is now possible to resize the picture-in-picture box, which is useful when using a large-screened smartphone or tablet. Resizing the box is easy, you only need to drag any of the corner diagonally. Another addition of the Android 11 is the consolidated media player, which allows proper control of video or audio. The streamlined space should be easy to use.  If you want to remove the player, you can press and hold it. An option will appear to dismiss the player. If there are multiplayers on your screen, it is easy to switch between them or remove any of the player.

If the media player of Android 11 sticks a bit too long, the more effective solution is to check the settings for media. If the phone manufacturer hasn’t removed the option, you could look for the “Media player in Quick Settings”. Set the toggle to off position to stop the media player from nagging you consistently. This tells the Android 11 that you no longer want to keep its player for a long period of time. The Android 11 comes with the Dark Theme mode and if it’s enabled for too long, it easy to disable it. Go to System Settings > Display > Dark Theme. If you don’t want to disable it, it is preferable to choose the Schedule option and set the correct time for the mode to get enabled.