Gym Journey Is the Most Complete Workout Tracker for Gym Enthusiasts of All Levels

If you are working out regularly, or plan to start working out, there is a big chance that you will use a fitness app at some point. From workout planners, trackers and finders, to weight and progress trackers, there are thousands of high-quality apps that you can find on the App Store. But today, we will speak about an app that has all tools that you need to plan, record and track your workouts, health, and weight. We are talking about Gym Journey.

What is Gym Journey

This workout tracker and planner makes it easy to plan and track all your workouts and fitness activities in one simple app without creating an account. Just download it on your iPhone/iPad and start using it.

Everything you Need in 1 App

There are 3 ways to plan workouts on Gym Journey. The first is to create your own workout template by manually adding exercises. This is perfect for the more experienced lifters that know what they need.

If you are a beginner and want to get workout plans generated per your gender, activity level, body type simply taps on “Plan Workout”. Gym Journey will recommend a workout plan that you can easily follow.

Additionally, Gym Journey has pre-ready professional workout programs for all body parts and all fitness levels. Once you select a workout plan for your needs, you can start and record your workout with the utmost ease.

All the weight, activity, and workouts you track, as well as progress photos you make, are kept in the workout summary. There you can also check total duration, muscle groups, cardio workouts, total weight lifted. For further motivation, the app also has achievements that you will unlock as you complete your workouts.

All your workouts are kept in the History tab, and all the history of your tracked weight and body fat percentage and BMI. Not only that, but Gym Journey will enable you to capture and track skinfold measurements for each body part.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a complete fitness tracker and planner, you will rarely find a better and more comprehensive app than Gym Journey.