How Apple Can Make iPhone 13 Better?

The smartphone industry is getting more competitive. With the recent release of Samsung Galaxy Series 21 series, Apple needs to make the upcoming iPhone 13 much better in terms of features and functionality. If Apple sticks to its regular schedule, it is possible that the iPhone 13 will be available this September. There’s still enough time for Apple to optimize the iPhone 13 design, so we could call it one of the most capable smartphones in the second half of 2021. Here are ways Apple can make their upcoming flagship better:

120Hz display

Some people argue that 60Hz refresh rate is smooth enough, but they may haven’t used 120Hz for an extended period of time. It may not seem different, but when they go back to 60Hz, they will see that scrolling and webpages don’t feel as smooth. All models of Galaxy S21 series have 120Hz display for much smoother display. The basic Galaxy S21 has display with dynamic refresh rate from 48Hz to 120Hz. For Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s between 10Hz and 120Hz. When showing static interface and still images at 10Hz, this should increase energy efficiency. Meanwhile, all iPhone 12 models still have 60Hz display.

Smaller or no notch

While many affordable Android smartwatch models already have a small punch hole to accommodate the selfie camera, Apple iPhone 12 still has the wide notch. In terms of overall design, we could see it as a weakness. The iPhone 12 needs a wide notch not to accommodate only the selfie camera, but also sensor for Face ID. The Galaxy S21 also has a tiny punch hole and for biometric entry, it has under-display sensor for fingerprint. It’s quite unlikely for Apple to stop using Face ID, so Apple should try to make the notch smaller.

Better zoom camera

The Galaxy S21 Ultra impresses us with its telephoto camera with 100x Space Zoom magnification. This allows the phone to produce beautiful images. The iPhone 12 Pro Max with 12x digital zoom is simply not a comparable solution. Also, the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with 10x optical zoom, which easily beats the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 2.5x optical zoom. It’s quite a challenge for Apple to respond to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, because the 10x periscope lens of the Galaxy S21 Ultra allows proper magnification, but still the size of lens at a minimum.

Faster 5G data connectivity

Not all 5G technologies are the same and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the fastest data connectivity on the market today, capable of achieving 3 Gbps when downloading data. Although this is only possible in a perfectly ideal situation, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is simply impressive. Apple always emphasizes the 5G data connectivity of iPhone 12, so it’s not a good thing to lose it when we compare the iPhone 12 with Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Snapdragon X60 5G modem in Snapdragon 888 is simply the best mobile 5G solution on the market today.