Samsung Will Release Galaxy Xcover 5

Galaxy Xcover is one of the less popular smartphone series and Samsung first unveiled in 2011. It’s one of the rugged series that the South Korean company has. Recently, we got new details about an unannounced device, the Galaxy Xcover. It appeared in Geekbench’s database, with the internal model number SM-G525F. It may use the Exynos 850 chipset, an entry level platform that Samsung puts inside the Galaxy A21. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 will be a phone for outdoorsy people who don’t need high performance or flashy features. For some people, ruggedness is more important than advanced technical specifications. The Xcover 5 won’t have 5G data connectivity and it will come with the standard 4G LTE technology. From the listing of Geekbench, it appears that the Xcover 5 will have 4GB RAM. According to the listing, the smartphone also has Android 11. Apart from these details, we don’t get any other information. It is likely that the device will have One UI 3.0. However, it is quite likely that Samsung will release the Galaxy Xcover 5.

With the Xcover series, Samsung wants to emphasize more on robust exterior, instead of advanced features. Last year, Samsung also released the Xcover Pro and it looks quite subtle for a durable device. Unlike other outdoor smartphone models in the market, there are no metal case elements or visible crews. This makes the Xcover Pro looks like a generic smartphone and usable for casual environment. In fact, the design philosophy of the Xcover Pro makes it appropriate for business-focused activities. It could be appealing for many people, due to the user-replaceable battery, good handling, dust protection and water protection. It means, even if you use the Xcover Pro mostly indoor, you can be sure that it will be extra-durable. Occasional drops and dunking into the sink won’t harm the Xcover Pro. For less ambitious users, the Xcover Pro has decent system performance and the camera is decent, especially for capturing outdoor photos. Priced at around $550, the Xcover Pro may be a bit expensive, considering its internal specifications, but the extra ruggedness could make it a worthwhile choice.

The Exynos 850 is an entry level chipset and Samsung announced it in October 2019. The first device with this chipset is Galaxy A21, which is a low-cost smartphone. The Exynos is an octa-core platform with eight ARM Cortex-A55 cores at 2GHz. These cores are commonly available for affordable smartphones and they are quire efficient. With its octa-core architecture, the multi-threaded performance of Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 should be quite good. However, we couldn’t expect much from the single-core performance, because the individual core is quite weak, despite its 2GHz clock. It comes with integrated 4G LTE modem, Cat 13 for 150Mbps upload and Cat 7 for 300Mbps download. There are also support for LPPDDR4x RAM controller, Wi-Fi 5 module, video encoding at 1080p resolution and 60fps, and eMMC 5.1 flash memory controller. Because the chipset uses 8nm LPP manufacturing process, the chipset also has proper power efficiency, which is ideal for outdoors requirements.