Possible Major Upgrades for Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 will be one of the most desirable smartphones in 2021 and it should arrive later this year. More reports and leaks have appeared, so we have fairly accurate predictions about possible new features and design changes that the iPhone 13 may have. Regardless of the hardware specifications and design styles, the iPhone 13 should generate a huge amount of fervour among users. Here are things that we could see from the iPhone 13 later this year.

iphone 13

120Hz refresh rate

There’s a huge possibility that the iPhone 13 will have 120Hz refresh rate, which will make it more relevant for high-performance gaming, especially if we consider the fast processor for the new model. The iPhone 13 should ensure smoother feel with its high refresh rate. It seems that the iPhone 13 will use LTPO OLED display from Samsung. Although it is quite likely that the Pro and Pro Max versions of iPhone 13 will use 120Hz refresh rate, there’s no guarantee that the same applies for regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Smaller notch

There were many complaints about the oversized notch on the display of iPhone 13. With the use of Face ID, Apple needs to dedicate enough space for the sensor. Since then, a fairly sizable notch is necessary to accommodate the sensor. It is probably not possible to remove the notch completely and replace it with punch holes or under-display solutions. However, with optimizations and miniaturizations, it should be possible to make the notch smaller. This should improve the overall appearance of the iPhone 13, although the visuals won’t be comparable to Galaxy S21 with its tiny punch hole

Better camera

 This should also be quite obvious and we could expect to see a number of camera enhancements. As an example, there will be tweaks for ultra-wide lens that may have f/1.8 aperture. This should allow more light to enter the lens, compared to iPhone 12 with its f/2.4 aperture. With more light, images will be more detailed and low-light performance will be much better. We still don’t know whether the iPhone 13 will include periscope lens.

iphone 13


The Apple iPhone 13 should include a LiDAR model on all versions of iPhone 13. Including the basic model. There’s a rumour that the Pro model of iPhone 13 will include an extra camera lens. If it’s true, the LiDAR technology will ne an upsell that the company uses to entice buyers. With LiDAR, there will be more access for AR or augmented reality technology and it could become a mainstream. In terms of camera arrangement, it is possible that the iPhone 13 will be quite similar to the iPhone 12, although there could be some modifications here and there.

1 TB internal storage

The top variant of iPhone 13 could have 1TB of internal storage. This would be ideal for users who regularly capture media content at 4K resolution. Combined with the use of cloud storage, users will have plenty of usable storage for their daily uses. If it’s true, the variant would be quite expensive.