Why MicroSD is Becoming Less Relevant Today?

MicroSD is a convenient technology, because we can expand storage. When smartphones still had 4GB or 8GB of internal storage, microSD offers plenty of flexibility. However, Apple has decided to skip microSD in their very popular iPhone series. Many criticized this decision initially, but we are now seeing today that it’s already less of a concern. Here are reasons why microSD is no longer as important:

Smartphones have more internal storage

It is a fact that 64GB is already the bare minimum for the amount of internal storage. In fact, there are already many affordable smartphone models with 128GB or 256GB storage. Unless people record videos at 4k resolutions regularly, it takes much longer for them to run out of storage space. In a few years, 128GB could be the bare minimum for low-cost devices. If you can afford a smartphone with 512GB of storage, it’s like having an actual hard drive in your smartphone, due to its sheer size of storage. For many users, it’s hard to fill up their 128GB storage, if they only take some photos and install a few apps.

Affordable cloud services

Many mobile users get connected to high-speed Wi-Fi, which provides unlimited connection. It means, they can rely on multiple cloud services to store images, videos and other important files. When people are using Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, they can store plenty of media files for free. Google Photos are also convenient, because it’s a cross-platform service, that’s accessible from many devices. This means, you can use the internal storage only for installing apps and games. If you have a 64GB smartphone, you will be able to install more games. Some popular games require more than 3GB of internal storage, so it’s important to free up more space. Another important fact is that games and apps need mostly internal storage. Even if you have the option to move apps to microSD, Android transfers only a small portion of an app. It means, microSD is mostly good only for storing images, videos and other files, if you don’t use a cloud service.

MicroSD is slow

It is a fact that microSD is very slow compared to internal storage. In latest smartphones, the transfer rate and read speeds of internal storage could reach hundreds of megabytes per second. There are faster microSD standards, but that would make smartphones unnecessarily more expensive and it’s more efficient for phone makers to add extra internal storage. With simple experiment, you can try opening large-sized images on microSD and internal storage. The disparity in terms of speed can be huge. From technological point of view, this is one more nail in the coffin in the implementation of microSD technology.

5G is here

In the United States and certain countries, mobile data connection is relatively expensive. It also means that 5G data can be quite costly for daily usages, but may make 4G LTE more affordable. There will be more options for users to get low-cost Internet connection, so they can use cloud services more.