Gotham Cleaners – Reliable Rental Linen Services for Restaurants

To run a successful business can put a lot of pressure to restaurant owners and can be quite a challenge. However, if you’re like to increase the efficiency of your restaurant and reduce costs by renting attractive, clean pleasant napkins, uniforms and any linen for your restaurant to look its best, we found the app for you. So, read more about Gotham Cleaners.  

What is Gotham Cleaners? 

Gotham Cleaners is a reliable rental linen service app for IOS users, for NYC restaurants that provides you with rental of laundry services to restaurants. Using this app, you will be able to rent napkins, uniforms, tablecloths, blankets and more. It’s designed to save restaurants hours of labor and eliminate direct communication with the linen vendor, increasing efficiency and reducing costs to restaurants.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This rental service app offers restaurants various options to increase the efficiency of the restaurant and save money. With this app, restaurants will save a lot of time by renting laundry services. Rent napkins, uniforms, tablecloths, blankets.

Also, this app provides you with pickup and delivery feature. Furthermore, restaurants will get access to the full library of items for their next delivery as well. A full database to look past orders is available as well as features that consist of duplicating a previous order too.

It offers fixed weekly pricing and an amazing customer service for your needs. Find all the pleasant, attractive and clean linens your restaurant needs with ease and run your restaurant efficiently without wasting extra time or money.  

So, download the app on App Store to rent the best linen services for your restaurant! 

Official Website: Gotham Cleaners