meatless – The Powerful Meal Tracker for Your Meat Consumption

Keeping track of your diet and staying healthy nowadays can be easily done with the right app on your smartphone. If you are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce your meat consumption, there are apps to help you with that. We looked and we found one meal tracker app that offers all of this. Read more about meatless. 

What is meatless? 

meatless is a convenient and reliable meal tracker for meat consumption that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed as a diary for your diet, easy to use and user-friendly. Keep an overview of your meat consumption and stay healthy. This app will help you track and reduce your meat consumption. A dark mode is available and a few widgets to choose from.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This meal tracker offers variety of useful features and information to help you track and reduce your meat consumption. It offers a built-in Co2 calculator that will show you the kilograms of Co2 you are saving. All values as a basis for calculation vary depending on the country and meat type consumed.  

When you create an entry on this app, there are a few types of meat available like fish, pork, beef, poultry, and lamb. Also, the app offers a water calculator for calculating the liters of water you save when you don’t consume meat.  

Furthermore, this tracker offers challenges that you get to complete to reach your goal. Use the app’s calendar to get a perfect overview of previous entries. You will get reminders daily for recording your eating behavior too.  

Download the app now on App Store to keep an overview of your meat consumption! 

Official Website: meatless  

App Store Download Link: meatless