Take your Social media Marketing to the next level with AIMIsocial App

Running a small business is hard enough. It’s even harder when you put a long day in but you seem as though you cannot attract the number of customers you want. Being visible online and promoting yourself online is vitally important for many businesses and entrepreneurs in the current climate. The high street shops appear to be slowly disappearing while online shops are booming. However, not because the trend is all online these days means you will be found easily, it’s a competitive market regardless of your business type. That’s the reason why you need to market yourself in such a way that your customer base will grow and in turn your business will grow. Online marketing is hard but there are products and services available to help. One such service is the AIMIsocial media marketing app.

AIMIsocial app is available for both iOS and Android and the aim is to automatically create and manage your social media marketing campaigns for the whole month ahead. This way you can concentrate on running the business while AIMIsocial helps drive more engagements and more sales. The app can schedule your post for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the entire month. This will save you time and money but will ultimately increase your brand awareness and find a larger group. You can effectively save time each month by allowing AIMIsocial to do the work of creating and posting content on social media. Usually, you would need to pay thousands to improve your social media presence, but the artificial intelligent AIMIsocial is prepared to carry out a mammoth of task with a few simple instructions. The app covers a wide range of industries so it’s highly possible you will be able to run your campaign.

See how it works

AIMIsocial is trained to write a post, add images to the post and schedule them using the best practice on social media marketing. The artificial intelligence continues to monitor and analyse the results of your marketing without you having to get involved. The app will go through and scheduled posts for the days and effectively choose the right one for the right time. It can run for a whole month, simply by you adding some basic information about your business.

AIMIsocial covers a variety of industries and is especially built for small businesses.

AIMIsocial is free to download but that version only gives you the option of two post per month. There is a Pro version that cost $99.99 per month which includes features such as unlimited posts, custom posts, custo campaigns and more. If you wish to get all the features then Pro Plus for $124.99 per month is the perfect version. There is everything to cover your social media marketing in the Pro Plus version.

Grab AIMIsocial from the iOS App Store and Google Play store now for free.