Traitors Empire Card RPG – A Thrilling Journey through a Story-Driven Fantasy Campaign

RPGs have one of the most loyal followings of any gaming genre. Tons of RPGs are developed for smartphones and choosing the right one for you to enjoy is not easy. That’s why we looked and we found one super exciting role-playing game to bring you on a thrilling journey through a story-driven fantasy campaign. Read more about Traitors Empire Card RPG. 

What is Traitors Empire Card RPG? 

Traitors Empire Card RPG is a thrilling role-playing game that is developed for IOS users. You get to experience an exciting journey through a story-driven fantasy campaign. Gain heroes, level up, and loot cards for your collection. With high-quality graphics and cool effects, the game will help you refine your tactical skills as you set up your battleground defenses and attack players to earn legendary treasures.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This role-playing game gives you the chance to set up your own party of heroes with assigned weapons and armor as well as a deck of ability cards. Take your heroes to the battlefield to engage in turn-based tactical battles. So, choose the cards you play, movements and abilities carefully to become the winner. You can join a clan as well to fight together and defeat tough enemies and claim their loot. Numerous battlefields are available for you to engage your enemies.  

This game offers a single player PVE with a rich campaign story of fighting your battles, defeating bosses and discovering amazing loot. Also, you can choose the multiplayer PVP to attack enemies and earn unique cards by setting your own defense, deploy allies, banners and landmarks that change the battleground rules. A multiplayer PVE is available for clans to set themselves against other clans in epic events.  

Craft new cards to improve your card collection or upgrade your existing cards. Also, participate in different periodic events and compete against others for superior rewards. The first chapter of the story is available that contains over 50+ hours of gameplay.  

Download the game now on App Store to loot, attack, defend, and win on the battlefields! 

Official Website: Traitors Empire Card RPG  

App Store Download Link: Traitors Empire Card RPG