Nimnim App – The Award-Winning Phonics and Arabic Alphabet Game

Learning apps for kids are really popular nowadays and can help parents a lot in their kid’s education. If you are looking for an engaging learning tool to help your kid learn Arabic while he has fun playing games, we looked and found the super fun and effective game that offers all of this. Read more about Nimnim App.  

What is Nimnim App? 

Nimnim app is an award-winning phonics and Arabic alphabet game that is developed for IOs users. It will help children worldwide learn Arabic. This educational game makes learning Arabic fun and easy and parents will see improvement in their kid’s learning within weeks. Designed as captivating classroom tool, the game helps kids on their learning and reading journey through fun and play. 

Why Do We Love It? 

This phonics and Arabic alphabet game contains 4 extensive games for improving letter recognition and literacy skills. It covers learning to read from matching sounds and letter to learning new words. Also, the game is suitable for both home and school use.  

Kids get to solve letter puzzles, animal puzzles, balloon world puzzles and beach world puzzles. It offers interactive learning, it’s a game that’s commonly used in pre-school, primary school, kindergarten, and first grade.  

The app has no in-app purchases, hidden costs or subscription fees, and no in-game adverts. Suitable for ages 3-5, designed in a collaboration with phonics experts, the game will help your kid learn and improve his knowledge while having fun.  

Download the game now on App Store or Google Play to help your kid learn Arabic through fun and play!