Software to Easily Transfer Music to iPhone

Almost all devices, including iOS, play music in MP3 audio format. Due to its flexibility, it is not tough to transfer your favourite music files to your iPhone now. At times, there are some music files on your pc, which you require on your iPhone, so the question arises how to add mp3 to iPhone

You can still enjoy listening to your favourite songs even when you do not have your laptop around. Hence, this guide will provide you with some special software to import music to the iPhone.

Table Of Content:

1.     Dr. Fone – Phone Manager:

2.     Tansee iPhone Transfer

3.     Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

4.     Mediavatar iPhone Transfer

5.     iMazing

6.     Bottom Line

There is a number of third-party iPhone transfer applications available within the marketplace. Find out five of the best software to transfer music files in your iPhone below:

1.  Dr. Fone – Phone Manager:

Dr.Fone – telephone supervisor (iOS), is an effective smartphone manager that allows the user to move music, playlists, videos, iTunes U, and podcasts from the iPhone on your Mac or PC.

Key features of Dr.Fone are as follows:

  • Move Music for iPhone even without the need for iTunes.
  • Store, Control, Import, or Export the music files.
  • Backup the tracks to PC and gain easy access to them again.
  • Move the music files from one iPhone to another.
  • Transfer files from iOS gadgets as well as iTunes.
  • Well-suited with iOS 7 till 11 as well as iPod.

2.  Tansee iPhone Transfer

Tansee iPhone Transfer is also an effective third-party software used for moving music files from iDevices to the computer. With this software, you can move music files, videos, voice notes, and podcasts out of your iPhone to the PC. It is compatible with the entire models of windows. Currently, two versions are available – free and paid versions. Tansee announced their establishment of two support groups. For any issues or questions, those teams will reply instantly at any point of the day.

Key features of Tansee iPhone Transfer are as follows:

  • Easily move music, voice notes, videos, and podcasts from iPhone to PC.
  • Compatible with several devices at once.
  • Routinely scans linked iPhones.
  • Effortless and instant music and videos backup to any location on the PC.
  • Free up-gradation.

3.  Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

One of the smart apps includes Xilisoft iPhone transfer that synchronizes the iPhone to the PC easily. It can backup music, films, and different contents on the iPhone for the laptop. Moreover, it can copy and store the music files out of your PC to the iPhone. The user may make the iPhone a transportable hard disk while the Xilisoft transfer software program is used.

Key capabilities of Xilisoft iPhone transfer are indexed under:

  • Very compatible with ios iDevices simultaneously.
  • Backup iPhone files to the PC.
  • Export PC files to any of the iDevices.
  • Sync iPhone music to the iTunes library.
  • Control iPhone music & movies.

4.  Mediavatar iPhone Transfer

It is easy-to-utilize and prevailing software to copy and transfer music files, playlists, and videos from pc to iPhone. It can also store iPhone songs and movies on the PC. This software can be used for both Mac as well as computer.

The key features are listed below:

  • Let’s have more than one iPhone to connect at one point.
  • Detects iPhone version.
  • Achieve or move iPhone playlists.
  • Browse the music albums in style.
  • User-friendly interface with simple operation.
  • Great transfer speed.

5.  iMazing

iMazing is yet another highly prevalent iPhone music transfer application that incorporates a pixel-perfect and exquisite interface. Moreover, there is a smooth usage of the iPhone music syncing workflow. iMazing also provides an excellent way to browse through the iPhone backups without any problems and effortlessly, which makes it an ideal application. 

The key features of iMazing are listed below:

  • Discover the files of your iDevices or the backups – comprising iTunes backups.
  • Move the data from the iDevice to the PC.
  • Move the music files from the PC to the device.
  • Reestablish a backup, whether it is selected or all, to an additional iDevice.
  • iDevice to iDevice storage and restore process combined to form one easy wizard.

Bottom Line

As per the above guide, you have lots of choices to choose from. It is viable to switch MP3 to iPhone using these apps. So why not turn life simpler by coping with your iPhones with such software in preference to iTunes. The great thing is that the apps are given free for seven days during the trial period, a platform with more than 200 useful apps that enhance the simple Mac functionality. Look through the list and pick out your favorites to find out what you have lacked all this time!