What We Know So Far About Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel series are known for its mid-range models. Currently, you can get Pixel 4a and 4a 5G are two primary models of the series. The upcoming Google Pixel 5a won’t be a flagship and we could call it an upper middle-range device. It could arrive this year, probably between May and August. As a mid-range model, it could have Snapdragon 732G or Snapdragon 650G, which is more than enough for casual tasks, but not 3D gaming at highest details. As a budget-friendly device, the Google Pixel 5a could have plastic unibody design and 6.2-inc OLED screen with fairly thin bezels. Just like previous Pixel models, there could rectangular camera bump on the back and a punch hole for front-facing camera. For biometric entry, there’s also a fingerprint sensor on its back. The display will have 2340 x 1080 resolution, which is quite decent for the display size. Images and small text should be quite crisp. The display itself should be quite interesting with vivid and punchy colours.

On the back, there could be a 12.2MP primary camera and 16MP ultra wide-angle camera. There’s also a speculation that we will also get the PDAF (phase detection autofocus) sensor. It means, the Pixel 5a could have improve autofocus performance to produce crisp and clear images. Without doubt, it will have the latest stock Android version and Pixel devices will be the first to get latest major Android updates. The selfie camera may have 8MP resolution, which is a bit underwhelming for today’s standards. There could be stereo speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack. If those speakers are similar to those in Pixel 4a, we would get high volume level that ensures clean sound and well-controlled distortion. There’s no information about the battery capacity of Pixel 5a, but it could be similar or better than the 3,385mAh battery of the Pixel 4a. It means the Pixel 5a will continue delivering comfortable battery life for a whole day with fairly moderate usage. The 18W wired charging isn’t the quickest, but still better than regular charging feature.

There are also reports about the Google Pixel 6 XL, with larger display. This device may arrive in 2021. There’s even a rumour about a foldable Pixel 6 model with 7.6-inch display. However, we don’t know whether it will have folding or clamshell flip design. It means, Google could have the plan to follow in the steps of Huawei and Samsung. The Android 12 with its Silky Home feature should work well for the Pixel 6 XL. With the Silky Home, various interface elements, like toggle switches, checkboxes, buttons and others will be more reachable, because they are near the bottom. For an over-sized device like Pixel 6XL, it would be easier to use the interface. Google hasn’t enjoyed significant success in the smartphone market, especially compared to Apple, Samsung and some Chinese brands. It will be easier for the company to gain more share in the market with the larger Pixel 6 XL. If there’s a foldable version of the Pixel 6 with its exceptionally large display, this should make the company stands out among the competition.