Life360 – GPS tracker for family safety

Family safety is the most important aspect for each person in this modern world. Are you one with the same concern towards your family and looking for the best application for family safety? If that is the case then the Life360 application is the perfect choice for you to have a better family circle safety. Excited to know what life360 is and how it helps out in family safety? Continue further to grasp detailed information.

What is Life360 and why is it necessary to use them?

The Life360 is a systematic application that works as a location tracker or administrator which allows the clients circle to share their live location. When it is said clients, you can add your family members, friends, and companions to the circle. The life360 application not only allows you to share or find the location using a GPS tracker but also lets you create a circle. In that circle, you are allowed to chat, talk with them, and also let you effectively track the lost phones.

All the above-mentioned facts are essential ones when you think about your family concern however some of you might think why it is necessary to use the life360 application when there are huge other options available at hand? Sounds right, the answer would be better only when you know about the purposes and facilities offered by the application.

Features of Life360 application:

The life360 application does have advanced tools beyond the basic GPS tracker some of the highlights are mentioned below.

SOS Alert:

This allows the user to send emergency alert signals to all family members who are connected within the circle, emergency contacts saved in the device, and responders 

Take emergency dispatch:

The Life360 application does provide 24/7 emergency dispatch via a call to the family members in any case if the user or client is not able to get help from the family the emergency dispatch team would help out the client.

Real Time specialist support:

The application does offer real-time specialist support and provides better family safety assistance at any time and anywhere. Irrespective of the time at any point of emergency the application does help out the family to track the client.

Explore history:

Besides real-time support, you can also check on the past place history where your family members have been and how long the travel entire info is displayed on your screen to get explored.

Theft production:

The application does not end with offering safety protection for the family and it also gives protection towards the valuable digital gadgets with white-glove restoration service. The digital information protection includes up to 1-million-dollar coverage.

Secure chat:

It gives a better place to share images, leave a text message, and do private chats all in a secured way that too in an encrypted manner.

Driving protection:

The Life360 app provides crash detection service when your family member drives a vehicle, besides it also lets you information that helps to improve your drive for higher safety.

How to download the Life360 for mac?

Downloading the Life360 application to mobile is quite easy where you just need to download the application from the store based on the android or IOS platform. Once you installed the application, you can create a private and invite your family members to be a part of your circle. As an add -on you can also add the most visited places within the circle and track their location live. However, when you check the application can be used only on a mobile phone, No definitely not. The advanced application Life360 for mac, windows can be installed on the computer too. 

Step 1: download emulator for Mac

For using the Life360 app for the pc you should have an emulator so if you want to install the application on mac firstly visit the Mac store. Do search for Bluestacks or Nox App which is a famous emulator both options are fine enough but if you need an easy solution and trouble fixing emulator then go with Bluestacks. Moreover, when compared to the Nox app, Bluestacks do have plenty of solutions and tutorials online. So, download bluestacks Mac software.

Step 2: emulator installation

Now you have downloaded the emulator, opened the download folder, and clicked on install to run the exe file and installed it on the Mac. Once it is done accept the license agreement to make the successful installation of the emulator in Macintosh.

Step 3: Get Life360 application on Mac

An icon open appears on the result page click on that it would redirect to the store click on the application icon and hit on install. The application gets downloaded and installed on your Mac. Once the installation is completed the advanced family protection application Life360 for Mac is ready for use. 

In case if you are downloading the Nox app emulator instead of Bluestacks only thing is you have to follow the steps as it is directed in the installation wizard to install the emulator. Search for the same Life360 Find Family & Friends in the Nox app search bar.

Does the app have subscriptions?

Similar to all applications the Life360 for mac do have different levels of subscription where you can choose your desired and suitable one. The subscription plans include,

  • Free – trial level
  • Platinum level
  • Gold level
  • Silver level

Each level does have some extra features added on based on the level of subscription. If you are starting with the Life360 free then you are given with, 

  • Advanced location sharing 
  • 2 days of Location history
  • Two place alerts for a family member to see which includes home, work, and school 
  • Production over drivers and passengers with automatic crash detection 
  • Automated SOS facility

All these are basic features that you can enjoy free of cost to have advanced facilities you can opt for a higher level of subscriptions. 


By now you would be clear about how to install and use the Life360 application using an emulator in Mac. Do follow all the steps given below to enjoy the Life360 application and to protect your family!