Rola for iOS & Android Makes It Easy To Connect On All Popular Social Media

Finding someone on all traditional social media apps is easy not only because of the uniqueness of the usernames. But also because rarely anyone really uses their real name on social media nowadays. Even if you find the person you want to connect with on one social platform, it is difficult to follow them on all their social media profiles. Here is where Rola can help.  

What is Rola? 

Rola is a new social connections app that makes it easy for users to follow each other across multiple social profiles. It is designed to save time, effort, and frustration of manual social media adding and discovery. 

Rola Features 

As a user of Rola you can both share and find a contact. It’s best to make a profile on Rola with your real name and then connect all your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more). So, when you want to share all your social accounts with new people, you can just give them your Rola profile and they can follow you across profiles. 

The same goes for when you need to add and connect with a certain person. Everyone is easily discoverable on Rola. You can find Rola users based on proximity which is easily viewable on a neat Google Map.  

When it comes to privacy, Rola offers great privacy control. You can prevent users from getting your social account without your approval, hide your surname, or hide/block certain social media profiles. 

That being said, Rola is one of the rare social contact sharing concepts that work and gives great privacy control. Try it now for free and make connecting on social media always easy.  

App Store Download Link: Rola