What Is an SEO Landing Page?

SEO Landing Page

Be it a small or big business, reaching the targeted audience and converting the leads to sales is the ultimate target. Search engine optimization helps you reach your target more easily by helping you reach the top results of SERPs. But where does a landing fit in? Any SEO expert would tell you that well-crafted landing pages are integral to any campaign. 

What is an SEO landing page and how to make one for your business? We have got you covered. 

What Is A Landing Page?

In terms of digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage is specifically designed for marketing campaigns. It is the page where a user “lands” when they are required and prompted to take any action, for instance signing up for your newsletter or purchasing the product. 

When a user clicks on a link that was a part of your advertising campaign from email, Facebook, Instagram, or any website, they will reach these landing pages. You can always hire professional landing page SEO services to achieve your targets. 

What Is an SEO Landing Page?

An SEO landing page is built with a specific focus on the targeted audience and search engines. They are optimized to encourage a visitor to click on a specific link, buy, share, learn or sign up for follow-up emails or newsletters. 

They attract organic search engine traffic for a specific set of keywords. The SEO landing page is effective in increasing the conversion rates by being ultra-relevant for both users and search engines. They link an incoming user to the appropriate product/service on the main business website.

SEO landing pages are almost always used in email and PPC marketing campaigns. They not only help you convert but assist you in tracking the visitor action and when required, modify it. If you sum it up, a landing page is designed to optimize the user experience to increase conversion rates. After all, there is no point in ranking higher if there is no set pathway to increase conversions.  

Why Landing Pages Are Important For SEO?

Perfectly curated landing pages can boost your SEO efforts in several ways. As a landing page has enough related keywords, it greatly helps you to rank for them. You are more likely to capture related Longtail keywords that can help you refine your marketing campaigns.

When you simply direct your users from marketing campaigns to the homepage of your official website, you can leave them confused. They may be confused to take any action or they just simply lose interest in navigating through your website. A landing page takes them to the exact point where they need to take an action. 

A landing page can be used to add a distinct call of action for a set of targeted keywords. After all, it is almost impossible to create a call of action that works for each category of keyword search.

As you make the experience easy and quick for the user, the search engine is going to trust you more. And that’s not by chance only, keywords and technical aspects of SEO landing are taken care of.  

How to Build an SEO Friendly Landing Page?

If you want to understand how to build an SEO-friendly landing page, you need to dig deeper into what is in action at the backend. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to create a page that works.

Determine Your Target Keywords

This is super important for any marketing campaign. You have to find out and determine the words you want the search engine to rank you for. It can be along and drawn-out process but the more effort you put into it, the more likely you are to see results. 

Make a list of the words that are relevant to your business or specific target niche. Think about the search intent and use these words to make phrases or long-tail keywords your users are more likely to search for. 

Keep in mind that targeting for highly-competitive keywords are not going to serve you much. Aim for long-tail keywords, they have less competition, easier to rank, and better at targeting.  

Pay Attention to The Quality and Uniqueness of Content

Refrain from keyword stuffing. It’s as simple as that. You have to create a content page that is focused on a defined subject niche but if you are successful in publishing quality content, you might draw them to the related niches as well. A landing page must have 70-80% of unique content. This could be a real challenge. If the pages are mere duplicates, Google will ignore them and you will fail at the SEO game.

Publish to A Custom URL

Publish your landing page on your domain to support your SEO efforts. Search engines want to see your domain in the URL.

Secure Backlinks

You have to keep creating groundbreaking viral content to get more people to link to your website. It may not be possible every other day but targeted outreach, unique and engaging content is a tried-and-true method of securing backlinks. Keep tracking and improvising!