Asteroid Jumper – The Thrilling Space Evasion Game

Space games are quite popular among smartphone users that like to experience an exciting adventure through space. Because there are tons of space games available for smartphones, we looked and we found one thrilling space evasion game that will put your fast reactions on the test and take you on a challenging survival journey. Read more about Asteroid Jumper.  

What is Asteroid Jumper? 

Asteroid Jumper is a thrilling space evasion game that is developed for IOS users. Easy to play, this game has simple tap controls with sharp high-quality graphics and cool space sound effects. Jump and try to survive the journey through space, testing your fast reactions as you try to dodge all the enormous space rocks and get your high scores. 

Why Do We Love It? 

This space invasion game is offering an addictive but challenging gameplay that will put your skills on test. Your task in this space game is to jump into your last hope for survival. Dodge and weave away from the enormous space asteroids to reach your high scores.  

You get to play and try to survive through an unrelenting maze of space rocks. Tap to jump and get through space without getting hit by the rocks. Whenever a rock hits you, the game is over and you need to start playing again.  

See how long can you last to get the highest score and become the ultimate asteroid jumper of this game.  

Download the game now on App Store to jump through space and avoid the asteroids! 

App Store Download Link: Asteroid Jumper