Features of iOS 15

Apple will announce the iOS 15 during the upcoming annual WWDC summit and it will be quite interesting to see what kind of features that we will get from the new iOS version. Although it won’t be much different compared to the iOS 14, in terms of features and usability, it is certainly more interesting. Here are features that we could get from iOS 15:

More customization of default apps

iOS 15 should provide more customization of default apps. The iOS 14 has allowed us to change the default web browser and email app. It means, we don’t have to use Safari and Mail in iPhone and iPad as default apps. With the iOS 14.5 update, we further received the ability to change the default music playing app. As an example, we could use Spotify, instead of Apple Music.

Interactive widgets

iOS 14 started to introduce widgets and it is a huge improvement in Apple’s mobile ecosystem. With widgets, iOS devices become more functional and users can get more information quickly. However, these widgets are still static and not interactive. It is possible that the iOS 15 will provide interactive widgets. It means, users will be able to change certain toggles, change volume and do other things. iOS 15 may not offer the ability to resize widgets manually, but there could be multiple size options, like small, medium and large. This should help making widgets more customizable and more useful.

Redesigned settings

Settings menu is important for iOS, because it allows users to configure various devices settings. There are many new menus and features that they can use. However, iOS menu has increasingly become less intuitive. It is important to redesign settings menu to regain usability. With iOS 15, Apple has fixed this problem by making settings more intuitive once more.

Redesigned lock screen and always-on display

There’s a rumour that the iOS 15 comes with always-on feature and refresh rate will be way down to only 1Hz when showing static screen. This should help in reducing battery consumption, because in normal situation, always-on display consumes too much energy at 60Hz refresh rate or higher. We also heard reports that the lock screen will have new design, which makes it more friendly.

Improved privacy

With the iOS 14.5, Apple added improved privacy feature for its devices. Apple’s server redirect safe browsing data and it works like a proxy. This should protect your device from any malicious activity.

In the past, Apple usually dropped support for older iPhone models, but it was different with iOS 14 that has similar support for iOS 13. However, it isn’t the same with iOS 15. Oldest iPhone models that get support for iOS 15 will be iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, all the way to the newer iPhone 12 series. The actual release of iOS 15 will be in June this year, so the iPhone 13 will have native support for this new iOS version. Traditionally, Apple releases a new iPhone model each year in later September or early October.