The Perfect Leather Desk Mat for your Setup

Harber London high-quality leather desk mat is made of genuine leather adds a protective layer to your desk to prevent staining due to spills and daily wear and tear. They have a utilitarian material that has been used for millennia, any quality leather should protect your desk against surface damage and resist moisture. It also gives your desk a nice look and is no doubt a great accessory for your desk setup.


Harber Leather Desk Mat is a handmade product by expert craftsman in Spain with Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather, soft microfibre lining and 100 per cent wool felt. With three colour options, tan, black and navy, the Harber London leather desk mat could add aesthetic bliss and functional elegance. For remote workers, this desk mat should improve the aesthetics of a home office. When used in workspaces, this desk mat should convey a strong sense of appeal, especially if you care a lot about visual appeals. In terms of genuine leather product, the Harber Leather Desk Mat is more than passable. It elegantly adds a new element to your workspace with distinctive aesthetics. This mat is where convenience converges with elegance and graceful ageing.


There are three sizes of Harber Leather Desk Mat. With medium (M) size at 50 x 30cm / 19.6” x 11.8″ inches, Large (L) at 80 x 32cm / 31.49” x 12.59” inches and extra-large (XL) at 80 x 45cm / 31.49” x 17.71″ inches. Because Harber Leather Desk Mat is a hand-made item, these are only approximate measurements and your mat could have slightly different size. The underside of the mat has a special layer, so it won’t slide around easily. The medium-sized leather mat should accommodate most laptops, including Apple MacBook Pro. But, if you have a full-sized desktop, mouse and keyboard on your desk, it is preferable to choose the large-sized version of the Harber London Leather Desk Mat. With the Extra-Large mat, you will have enough space to write something down on paper. Depending on the size of your desk and office equipment, you can choose the most appropriate size.


Harber Leather Desk Mat offers you a flat and smooth surface that you can write on. It should protect your desk from spilt coffee and other stains. Scratches from the mouse and constant exposure to heat from the laptop could degrade the appearance of the desk. With premium Full Grain vegetable tanned leather, the Harber desk mat should develop a wonderful patina with constant uses. There would be natural marks that won’t appear as a defect, but instead, become the true statement of genuine leather products. Its 100 per cent wool felt is harvested naturally from sheep as an eco-friendly and renewable material. As non-woven material, it won’t get frayed or pulled apart. It is non-flammable, moisture resistant and anti-static. As a quality desk mat, you will get an optimum combination of distinguished look, durability and comfort. Unlike cheap desk mats that look like cheap plastic junk, the Harber Leather Desk Mat shouldn’t distract you from daily work. When you use an optical mouse on top of the desk mat, it works smoothly and helps to enhance your daily productivity. Because it’s made of Full Grain leather, you won’t find anything else of higher quality.

The desk mat is of premium quality and as such starts at £89 for the size 50 X 30 cm and that’s with felt padding. I’m using the mat on my desk and it makes so much of a difference, the mouse glides over it easily and there are no imprints of my laptop or any marks left on the mat when I move it about.