yallarate – The Finance App for your Remittance and Currency Exchange Requirements

If you are tourist looking for currency exchange or an expat looking to send money home, finance apps can help. But if you’re looking for a reliable platform that will meet all your currency exchange and remittance requirements, we have one for you. So, read more about yallarate. 

What is yallarate? 

yallarate is a reliable finance app for your remittance and currency exchange requirements that is developed for IOS users. It’s easy to use and user-friendly app with intuitive interface that offers you to find all information about your favorite service providers in just a few taps. Search, find, and request the best rates for your currency exchange with this app.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This marketplace offers variety of features for your remittance and currency exchange requirements. With this app you will be able to request the best rate from your favorite service providers like exchange houses, banks, and online remittance companies in a few clicks.  

Look and find service providers branches as well as their location, viewing all their promotions, all available on one place. Using this app, you get to also confirm the best rates for your exchange rate and do transactions online or in stores.  

Save money with the help of this app by comparing currency rates for remittance and FOREX. The app is offering an ideal solution for any tourist or expat in the United Arab Emirates.  

Download the app now on App Store to find the best rates for remittance and currency exchange! 

App Store Download Link: yallarate