Possible Camera Features of Apple iPhone 13

It is a fact that the iPhone 13 will come with impressive photography features. There will be many useful things that we will get from Apple’s latest flagship. Here’s a roundup of possible camera features that we will get from Apple iPhone 13:

Improved ultra-wide-angle camera

The well-known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo told us that the iPhone 13 could have better aperture for the ultra-wide-angle camera. The aperture will be significantly better at f/1.8 from f/2.4 for future iPhone models. In theory, the camera is able to take in much more light, resulting in more detailed images and better performance in low-light situations. Since November 2020, Ming-Kuo has hinted us about better camera improvements. Analysts from Barclays also said the same thing and the iPhone 13 will have ultra-wide-angle camera with f/1.8 aperture. Kuo said that the improved feature will be available only for the more capable Pro and Pro Max versions of iPhone 13. However, Barclays said that the improved aperture could be available for all iPhone 13 models, including the Mini version.

Better autofocus

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has sensor-shift OIS feature and the question is whether it will be available for cheaper versions of iPhone 13. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has better autofocus performance, because it doesn’t shift the lens. By shifting sensors to adjust autofocus, the iPhone 12 Pro Max promises impressive and sharper photos. There are reports that the feature will be available for all iPhone 13 versions. DigiTimes and ETNews from South Korean reported the same thing in January. With sensor-shift OIS feature, photos will look sharp, although your hands are shaky. It is the same capability that you get from a professional DSLR.

Better telephoto

Barclays also told us that the Apple iPhone 13 models will have telephoto camera with f/2.2 aperture and 65mm focal length. It means the telephoto will have 2.5x optical zoom. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also has the same telephoto performance, while cheaper models of iPhone 12 only have 2x optical zoom.


At the moment, only the Pro and Pro Max versions of iPhone 12 have LiDAR sensor for improved autofocus and depth sensing. It helps to improve photography process in low-light situations. DigiTimes told us that LiDAR will be available for all iPhone 13 versions.

Apple iPhone 13


When you point the rear camera of iPhone 13 at the night sky, you can enable the astrophotography feature. With its impressive low-light performance, the iPhone 13 can better see stars, planets and moon. When you enable the feature, the iPhone 13 will automatically adjust all settings for better result.

At the moment, the regular Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini have two rear-facing cameras. The more expensive iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max has triple-camera configuration on the back. Experts suggested that all iPhone 13 series will have three cameras on the back. There’s also a prediction that we won’t get a brand-new iPhone SE model this year. Other improving the hardware components for the camera module, Apple will definitely boost the software capability. These new iPhones could have the latest iOS 15 with far more features.