Smart Kidz Club – The All In One Learning App for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Learning apps for kids are becoming more and more popular among parents looking to engage their kids in learning and reading. If you are looking for a learning app to help you prepare your kid for kindergarten and preschool, we looked and found the right app for you. Read more about Smart Kidz Club. 

What is Smart Kidz Club? 

Smart Kidz Club is an all-in-one kids learning app that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s offering an award winning and exclusive digital library of read along books and match activities. With its unique library of audio books, e-books, flash cards and learning games it will simplify learning and reading for 2–11-year-old kids.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This kids’ learning app with its features can help parents prepare their kids for preschool and kindergarten as well as to get ahead in elementary school. It offers a unique method and read along books for an authentic reading experience that mimics finger tracking.  

Parents with this app will get the right methodology and environment to engage kids in learning and reading. With a growing library of books and activities added every week as well as professional expressive human voice narration. Also, the app offers a globally relevant content. The content is categorized by topics, age, interest, grades in a motivating way to encourage kids with rewards. 

It’s free of ads and it has offline functionality to keep kids safe from online dangers. It offers attractive illustrations with audio narration and word highlighting as well as interactive resources. Books, flashcards, audiobooks, mathematics books, play activities and comprehension quizzes are available to challenge and encourage your kid to read and learn while having fun.  

So, download the app now on App Store to prepare your kid for kindergarten and preschool! 

Official Website: Smart Kidz Club  

App Store Download Link: Smart Kidz Club