Oh – The Reliable Peer Learning and Tutoring Platform

Learning and tutoring platforms nowadays make it easy for both students and tutors to find or offer their help online. However, because there are so many of these platforms, finding a reliable one that offers all the convenient features for both parties is not easy. We looked and found a peer tutoring and learning platform that offers this and more. So, read more about Oh.  

What is Oh? 

Oh is a convenient and reliable peer learning and peer tutoring platform developed for IOS users. It offers you to tutor or learn for your exact course at your college. Using the app, students can find homework help from a peer or teach others that need help in classes. Get answers as a student or get paid as a tutor. All sessions are online and you can plan them around your busy schedule.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This peer tutoring and learning platform offers variety of features for everyone. It has over 120+ colleges and 577.000+ classes onboarded on different courses. Discover peers offering or looking for help, chat to share images and context, schedule whenever you want and engage over video chat. Get all the answers right at your fingertips on this peer support network.  

For students this app offers you the ability to find peer tutors in your exact course by simply adding a class. Also, you can pay only for the time you used and you will be able to evaluate peer tutors in your college community through lists of assistants, upperclassmen, graduate students, and other to pick your favorite.  
For tutors this gives you the chance to capitalize on the material you learned and choose your hourly rate. Discover students looking for help and choose the classes you want to tutor. Send chat messages to students and book digital tutoring appointments on PC or phone with all tools you need for power teaching. Get notified of students looking for help and get paid instantly wherever and whenever you are with an instant and secure payout processing via cards and bank accounts. 

Download the app now on App Store to tutor or learn for your exact college course! 

App Store Download Link: Oh