Why the Apple iPad is Still Unsuitable as Laptop Replacement?

Apple released the iPad Air 4 and it offers significant improvements compared to early Apple iPad models. There are also many new accessories that can make users stay more productive with the iPad. However, despite the gradual modernisation, it’s still arguable whether the latest iPad can replace laptops, even for less demanding office works. Granted, if your computing needs are basic, like typing some documents and checking email, the iPad should work nicely. But for other users, they still need a MacBook or Windows laptop.

Inconsistent web browsing experience

The iPad could surely handle a few browser tabs, but many laptop users open more than a dozen tabs at a time. The Safari web browser for the iPad works like a desktop browser, so you can get full web functionality. However, that’s not always the case. While many websites work properly on Safari, more specialized tasks may be too much for it. As an example, when you open a CMS editor or other complex web app, Safari just won’t work properly. It means, you will face problem when publishing articles or editing websites with the iPad. If you use a virtual meeting platform other than Skype and Zoom, you may also encounter issues. The system could ask you to use Chrome web browser on a desktop environment. So, it is out of question to use the iPad for more serious web-based tasks.

Weak hardware

The iPad Air 4 with A14 Bionic chipset is definitely one of the most powerful mobile devices in the market. However, it still can’t compete with many powerful CPUs for laptops. It also has only 4GB of RAM, which is inadequate for heavy-duty productivity tasks. Without doubt, it is blazing fast to open an app, but you may encounter problems afterwards. If people buy a laptop, 4GB of RAM can a deal breaker or buyer may choose to add more RAM module if there’s free slot inside the laptop.

Basic video editing and development

Video editing with iPad can be fun and smooth, but it’s quite basic. If you want to edit videos, it is better to have a powerful rig. The iPad could only provide basic video editing and limited internal storage can affect functionality if you edit videos at 1080p resolution or higher. In terms of internal storage, Apple is quite stingy and if you want an iPad with more storage, you will need to pay much more. The iPad has iMovie app with basic video editing functionality. You can cut footage, add music, add text and not much else.  LumaFusion is a more specialized app for video editing, but editors also need other apps. As an example, video editors use Adobe After Effects to make unique intros and animations. The iPad can’t offer something similar. The same applies with music production. Basic beat-making functionality is available for iPad users, but there’s nothing similar to VST or Virtual Studio Technology. For software or game developers, they will definitely need a powerful laptop or decent desktop, because they must multitask by opening many software.