Vivo iQOO Neo5 Offers Exceptional Performance and Response

Snapdragon 870 is one of Qualcomm’s fastest chipsets, placed somewhere between Snapdragon 865+ and Snapdragon 888. Devices with this chipset can deliver increased performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming. There is also support for ultra-intuitive AI. The built-in 5G data connectivity supports both mmWave and sub-6GHz bands. It is now possible for avid mobile gamers to get exceptional performance with vivo iQOO Neo5 at only $385 in China. Although prices for global customers can be slightly more expensive, the Neo5 should offer great value with its performance and hardware specs. Another important detail is the 1000Hz touch sampling for the display. Combined with the powerful display, users can definitely get lag-free mobile gaming. The vivo iQOO Neo5 comes with dual-core graphics chip for faster frame rates. The dynamic refresh rate for the display is between 30Hz and 120Hz for balanced energy efficiency and smooth animation for gaming. The near instantaneous display response should make gaming a more enjoyable experience.

The Neo5 has 6.62-inch OLD display with 1300 nits peak brightness and HDR10+ technology. The Pixelworks technology offers proper colour calibration. Vivo has partnered with Pixelworks that make graphics processing chips, which can help visual performance. The vivo iQOO Neo5 is the first smartphone with X5 Pro display processor. The company first introduced it as the Iris 5. The chip also offers other enhancement features, including the Motion Engine, which is a real-time processing engine. This technology is not only applicable for gaming, but can also boost effective frame rate when watching high resolution videos. Game Experience Mode is another feature from Pixelworks that we can find in vivo iQOO Neo5. It supports 120fps frame rate, ensures cooler device temperature and reduce power consumption by about 30 percent.

The Snapdragon 870 chipset itself already includes the capable Adreno 650 integrated GPU. The addition of Pixelwork’s technology ensures that users can maintain good looking graphics and high frame rate. Unlike when displaying movies or videos, smartphones need to deal with interactive UI elements and multiple layers. The motion processing technology makes sure that games can run more smoothly. The PQ Engine processing and Motion Engine of X5 Pro are able to upconvert games. It means, games that are running at under 60fps could appear as if they run at 90 to 120fps. This means, games will be both free of latency and lag when users play using the vivo iQOO Neo5 smartphone. One issue is that games don’t have similar UI elements and layers, so there should be optimization for motion processor, so the technology could work on each game. It means, game developers must optimize their games to work with Pixelwork’s solutions. If you are interested with vivo iQOO Neo5, it has supported some games to work with the Pixelwork’s technology. Among the supported games are Perfect World, Honkai Impact 3rd and a Chinese battle royale, Game for Peace. With SDR to HDR mapping, users can enable HDR while playing these games. Despite the limited support, the vivo iQOO Neo5 is bringing things to the next level. We could be hopeful that Vivo can secure more support from other game developers.