Bublup App Review

If you want a powerful and versatile solution to visually organize any content, Bublup is a great app to use. I’ve been using this app for a few months, and it was so easy to move my  work and personal files to this platform. It has useful features to help you save documents, URLs, photos, music, videos, and notes where you can also add titles and descriptions. The app is available for iOS and Android, suitable for users of any age, and even has a Chrome extension. The way I would describe it is to say it combines the functionality of Evernote, Pinterest, and Dropbox. 


Bublup is contributing to my higher productivity level because I can use Bublup for client projects. It has some neat personalization features that make my workflow smoother and more intuitive. I can change the visual appearance of folders for client projects by adding their photos so it is much faster for me to locate any client file for work. And for remote workers, it is easy to share documents within a virtual workspace so you can always be working together without being together. You can even start an online conversation if you share folders with relevant files with co-workers by using the reactions and comment features too.


Another compelling reason for me to use Bublup is its ability to store URLs next to files. Just like Pinterest, it is easy to share inspiration and ideas with co-workers and clients. If there are relevant websites with important information I need to save, I can easily manage my URLs and files in folders to ensure everything I need for a project is in the same place. Think of how helpful it would be to have one, central place for all of your information! Now I don’t have to sift through tons of different pages to get what I need for my clients.


For some people, the Roll feature of Bublup is the most important. If you have content you want to share in a fast and convenient way, you can quickly create a web page with a custom URL called a “Roll”. I believe that this is the most versatile way to share real-time information with co-workers and clients. If I want to disseminate important content, I can be sure that everyone can access it, regardless of their device and operating system, and they don’t need a Bublup account in order to view it. Inside the app, you can click “Roll an Instant Web Page” to quickly publish a web page filled with the latest content you want to share and everyone with the link can immediately see it. I found this feature convenient when announcing something or sharing very important details with my co-workers and clients. Often, I needed to share information only with the internal team, so I protected the web page with a password (which is a feature you can get when you upgrade to premium).


Bublup offers excellent privacy features, and I can create a customizable workspace with my team members that is protected within the Bublup ecosystem. Business professionals can share anything without any concern about data breaches. Each Bublup user can get 3GB of free storage and support for an unlimited number of URLs. You can earn more storage if someone joins Bublup through your personal referral link or group folder invitation. For every person who successfully joines, you will get 1GB of additional free private storage (up to 12GB for free for life). Everything you keep in private storage is secure, and you can share it with only trusted individuals.

The Cloud, Reimagined

I love that Bublup goes beyond offering an ordinary cloud storage service. With the free private storage, it’s more than just about storing files and sharing them with your co-workers or friends. You can organize files and save web links in a folder, which is useful because I find I need more than just one kind of media type when doing research. 
I would highly recommend anyone who wants to be more productive and finds their current organization system failing to check out Bublup. You can download it on the App Store and Google Play, sign up at bublup.com to use it on desktop, and download the chrome extension.