Conre – The Tool that Connect Researchers with the General Public

If you are a researcher in need for participants that will help you collect the data you need easily or you want to be part of researches as a participant, there are apps to help you with this. We looked and we found one tool that connects researchers with the general public that wants to participate in an easy way. So, read more about Conre.  

What is Conre? 

Conre is a convenient research tool that is developed for IOS users. It’s easy to use and user-friendly, offering a way for the general public to participate in researches. And for researches to recruit participants. With this app, researchers can find participants and collect the data they need. For the general public, this app offers a way of helping researchers while earning some money.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This tool offers various features for both researches and participants to connect with each other in an easy and convenient manner. It offers researchers to post with ease and check their progress as well. The app helps you find diverse participants, no matter if you are doing a survey, a phone interview or in-person research.  

It’s all possible with a click. No matter if you are using google forms, surveymonkey, typeforms or other survey platforms, the app is compatible with all. Also, on the app, you get to decide who you are paying and how much you want to pay, export data to excel, CAPTCHA system and more.  

By being a participant on this app you get an easy way to earn money through PayPal credits, amazon gift cards, and cash for participating in researches. You can withdraw your earning as little as 1$. Help researchers with their research and easy some money without much effort using this app.  

So, download the app now on Google Play to recruit participants or participate in researches! 

Official Website: Conre  

App Store Download Link: Conre