How to Better Use iPhone Keyboard?

Over the years, the stock iPhone keyboard has gone through a lot of changes. Some changes are subtle and you barely notice them, while others are quite substantial. Many iPhone users barely scratch the surface, when it comes to the full functionality to the iPhone keyboard. Here are things that you can do better when using iPhone keyboard:

Match words with emoji

After you have typed the message and you are ready to send it, you may realize that you need to add a few emojis. When you open the emoji keyboard, it highlights a word that matches specific emoji. Tap on those words and choose the most appropriate emoji.

Use trackpad

All iPhone models with iOS 12 or newer has trackpad, but it’s not immediately visible. On the iPhone keyboard, long press the spacebar and keys will disappear. Drag and drop the cursor to a spot where you need it.

Silence the clicking noise

When you tap a key on the iPhone keyboard, you will hear the distinctive clicking noise by default. If the noise annoys you, you can silence it easily. Go to Settings> Sounds & Haptics. Disable “Keyboard Clicks”.

Hide keyboard

When typing, you may want to read text on the screen, so you can compose better and more informative messages. Swipe the keyboard from the top of it to hide it. Tap the text field if you want to show the keyboard again.

Switch between letters and numbers faster

It can be less intuitive to switch back and forth between numerical and alphabet keyboards. This can be inconvenient if you want to add numbers and special characters in your message.  Tap and hold the “123” button down. You can quickly choose special characters and numbers.

iphone keyboard

Choose emoji faster

Normally, iPhone users open the keyboard, choose categories and swipe through the emojis. However, with the hidden scroll bar, browsing emojis should be faster to do. Tap and hold an emoji collection icon. Swipe right or left to choose an emoji quickly.

Type one-handed easier

Go to the keyboard picker and you can choose to move the iPhone keyboard to the right or left side. The smaller keyboard should make it easy to type with just one hand.

Choose diacritics

Depending on the language you use, you may need to use accent marks. As an example, if you long press “a”, you will get “à á â ä æ ã å ā” or if you long press “c”, you will get “ç ć č”

Choose currency symbols

It’s inconvenient to manually look for symbols for Euro, Yen or Pound sterling. Long press $ and you can choose ₽ ¥ € ¢ £ ₩

Delete a paragraph quickly

It will take too long to tap the delete repeatedly until you remove the whole paragraph. Tap and hold the delete button. You will initially delete a few characters, words, sentence and finally an entire paragraph. This still takes too long. Instead, triple tap a word and you will choose an entire paragraph. Hit the delete key to remove the paragraph.