Compact Smartphones That You Should Buy Today

Smartphones are increasingly larger and not everyone is happy with huge display. Some people still prefer to use more compact smartphones that they can handle more easily. While most people are still looking for larger than life smartphones, here are some more compact alternatives that you may choose:

iPhone 12 Mini

Priced at around $700, depending on the seller, iPhone 12 Mini is comfortable, pocketable and cute compared to its larger sibling. It still has the same great camera and display as the regular iPhone 12. With its fast performance, you can still use the iPhone 12 Mini for more than a couple of years and be sure of its future-proofed performance. However, as a mini smartphone, the camera module may look a bit out of place. Because there are no earphones and charger in the box, you will need to buy them separately, which negates the attractive pricing somewhat. The starting storage is only 64GB, which is already inadequate for many mobile users. Its battery drains quite fast, compared to larger iPhone 12 models. With its 60Hz refresh rate, many Android flagships offer smoother experience when gaming.

iPhone SE (2020)

Priced at $400, the iPhone SE offers unmatched performance in the price range. The A13 Bionic offers comparable performance to Snapdragon 865. However, frame rates are locked to 60fps, due to refresh rate limitation. As a compact smartphone, you can use the iPhone SE 2020 with one hand. There’s support for wireless charging and it can work seamlessly with other Apple devices, including Apple Watch and AirPods. Visually, the new iPhone SE looks somewhat dated with its large bezels. In the box, there’s a 5W charger and it will take hours to top off the battery. On the back, there are no ultra-wide camera, telephoto camera and night mode feature. It’s quite likely that will mistake it with iPhone 8, despite the much more powerful hardware inside.

Pixel 5

Priced at $700, the Pixel 5 is a mid-range device with elegant and lightweight design. Its cameras are versatile and the display looks crisp. Other than the long-lasting battery, users will also get power share and wireless charging features. Running the stock Android OS, the Pixel 5 feels fast and clean to run. With Snapdragon 765G, you will get decent performance, but nothing exceptional. The main camera is still similar to the one on Pixel 4, but the Pixel 5 has ultra wide-angle camera, instead of a telephoto.

Pixel 4a

Priced at $349, the Pixel 4a is an affordable and compact smartphone to choose this year. You can get good still photo. Just like other Pixel devices, you can guarantee a clean user experience and software. The Snapdragon 730G isn’t the fastest mid-range chipset around, but adequate for the price range. Because it is relatively cheap, the phone has plasticky build and there’s no waterproofing. The Pixel 4a also lacks the 5G data connectivity support and wireless charging. For users with more limited budget, the Pixel 4a could be a pleasant surprise.