Panja Brings Fun Drinking Games for Unforgettable Parties

If you want to skyrocket the party vibes and good mood at any party, all you need is the right party drinking app on your smartphone. With this kind of app, you will have fun playing crazy drinking games, doing insane challenges and much more to create unforgettable memories with your friends. We looked and found a party app for you to try.

General Intro 

Developed for Android users, this flashy but simple party drinking app offers many drinking games for two and party drinking group games for making epic memorable moments on any party. It’s full of exciting and wild games as well as challenges to enjoy. Carry out hilarious assignments or answer bizarre questions, everything is possible with this party app that suitable for all kinds of parties.  

Panja Drinking Games Features

This party app is simple and offers variety of games. You get to challenge your company to do a crazy assignment or challenge them to answer questions and reveal their secrets to you. Anything is possible with this app for creating the most memorable moments. Instead of points, you earn drinks, no penalties, just drown the opposing teams in liquids of choice. The app includes multiple party games such as the original edit of PANJA and ROULLETTE. 

Every party group game has multiple levels that range from basic warm-up to more challenging levels such as Never Have I Ever, Most Likely To, and Do or Drink. It’s ideal for all kinds of parties, great for playing one on one or with a group of friends. Don’t be afraid of the extreme and crazy challenges, have fun and skyrocket the party vibes and good mood at any party with this app. 

Download the app on Google Play, it will soon be available for iOS devices too, to have fun with crazy party and drinking games! 

Official Website: Panja