Compete: Create or Vote to Win App Review

Social media is a huge online platform where people can freely share their experience and opinions. It’s also a place where we compete against the rest of the world for followers and likes. For many of us, social media feels like a game where we seek to win recognition, fame, money and personal glory. When your TikTok videos go through the roof and tweets go viral, you will get personal satisfaction and money, when someone asks you to endorse a product.

Compete: Create or Vote to Win developed by Competitive Media Technologies is a useful mobile app for users who want to get financial benefits from their presence in social media. There are multiple categories in Compete: Create or Vote to Win, including Change, Move, Dance and Beauty. As an aspiring influencer, you can choose the most suitable category. If you want to give amazing makeover tips, cover dance moves or share motivational speeches, you can choose the most appropriate categories for that.

After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, you can create content and choose the most suitable category for that. Your fellow Compete users will vote on content that they like most. In each challenge, you will get cash prices for 1st and 2nd place of the most popular votes. There are also prizes for most creative videos and Rising Stars. The app comes with an extensive library of music that can match many types of content. Making engaging and stylish content is easy because the app also has an easy video effect suite. You can improve the popularity of your videos, by sharing them to various social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. If you manage to become a popular content creator, you may set a challenge for other Compete users.

For social media fans, Compete is certainly an innovative new model. It should be a welcome twist that motivates users to create more innovative videos. The whole experience should feel positive, especially if you get involved in challenges set up by reputable users and genuine influencers. This app is about encouraging others to express themselves more. However, be aware that the team behind Compete: Create or Vote to Win heavily moderates that you upload. The system has zero-tolerance towards users who show inappropriate behaviours or upload inappropriate content. This helps to ensure a productive and appropriate environment for everyone. With these facts, you may try Compete: Create or Vote to Win right now.

In short, Compete: Create or Vote to Win is a great platform for you to upload brief videos and get rewarded for them. The app is easy to navigate and you can use it immediately. For certain challenges, content creators can easily edit videos with the built-in music library and effect editor. If you have great ideas and are creative, you will be motivated to win prizes in various challenges. There are many top music selections in all genres, including country, rock, rap, hip hop and EDM. If you don’t feel like creating content, you will also get a lot of fun watching videos and voting on your favourites.

Available on the AppStore and Google Play Store for free.