Discussions.app – The Mobile App for the Discussions Community

As a crypto user that’s a part of the Discussions community, it’s difficult to learn which browsers to use and where the data is sent. If you are looking for an app to simplify the process for interaction with block-chain technology, there are apps for that. We looked and we found one social network that will provide you with full decentralized experience. So, read more about Discussions.app.  

What is Discussions.app? 

Discussions.app is an unofficial mobile app for the Discussions community that is developed for IOD users. It’s a user-friendly and easy to use platform that fosters community building and communication. It simplifies the process for interaction with blockchain technology and provides advanced users with a full decentralized experience.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This app for the Discussions community supports the evolution of blockchain-powered social media as well as the right of privacy and free expression. It offers enhanced moderation tools to maximize user power and minimize objectionable content.  

The app offers a content raking and reward system that uses non-tradable tokens to provide a record of accounting. It lets users earn enhancements as they try to build their reputation on the platform. Stakers get to earn ATMOS and other tokens collected as fees in exchange ensuring that the system is staying private, self-sustaining, and resilient.  

It respects user-privacy and choice while it provides users with an automated low-cost means of promotions. Soon this app will have more advanced features such as integration with Apple ID, push notifications, and interoperability with other IOS apps such as cryptocurrency wallets. It helps return the network, power, and ownership of ideas to users and creators.  

So, download the app now on App Store to enjoy a full decentralized experience! 

Official Website: Discussions.app  

App Store Download Link: Discussions.app