Is it Safe to Download Online Casinos’ Apps to Your iPhone?

We are all aware of how damaging a download can be for our PCs and laptops and most people try to avoid torrents and free downloads from unreliable sources. Comprehensive virus protection packages have been available for personal computers that look after PC health and stops trackers and hackers from accessing your data. 

But what about smartphones? Most of us rely on the phone’s software to protect us from viruses and hackers. Is it enough? Is it safe to download casino apps on your iPhone? We are going to give you a quick guide on what you need to consider before downloading casino apps. Amy Martinsson who is a Swedish online casino expert helped us explain how casino apps work. You can read more about Amy here

Casino safety

New casinos are being opened all the time and while some of them become successful and stay in operation for years or decades, others might be unprofessional, unlicensed and even dodgy so they will disappear from one day to another. Before you sign up on an online casino’s website it is very important to check if the casino is legal and trustworthy. Reading third party reviews on casinos with bästa casinobonusar is a good idea as you will only find reputable casinos on this list. If you opt for a casino app from one of the reliable casinos your data and money should be in safe hands. 

iPhone protects data

In Sweden, now more people use iPhones than Androids and with Swedish internet speeds being one of the fastest in Europe, Swedes play games on their phones more than ever. 

Naturally, iPhone does its part in protecting your data through its built-in security and privacy protection. They want to ensure that only you can access your data on iPhone and in iCloud and nobody else who might get hold of your device. The most important thing you will need to do is setting a strong passcode with which you will unlock your iPhone. You can then use FaceID and TouchID to authorize payments and sign in to any third-party app (including casino apps). 

Sign in with Apple is an available option on many apps and if this is offered on your casino app, the data that is shared with the casino is limited and two-factor authentication ensures further security. If you go for downloading an app, you can review the app’s privacy practices in the App Store and if you opt for the mobile version of some casino’s games Safari will protect you from trackers and will let you set your browsing activities private. 

What else can you do?

  1. Read reviews in the App store about the functionality of the app. However, at this point, you should only consider comments about the app itself. If you have done your research and decided that the casino is trustworthy, don’t reject the casino because of the opinions of fellow players on game selection or casino design. 
  2. Download and upgrade regularly an anti-virus and anti-malware software. Run the program before you install the new app to make sure everything is good to go before you start the download. 
  3. Don’t use public Wi-Fi. To play safely with iPhone, you should always use either your data or a secure Wi-Fi connection. It is way too easy for hackers to set up a bogus Wi-Fi connection only to register everything you enter on your phone and later on steal this data. 
  4. Update the casino app regularly. There might be a new security update available that will give you further protection so you should check for updates regularly. 
  5. Never give out your casino account password and username to anyone. If you give access to your account to a third party and they steal your money or data, there is little the casino can do about it. 
  6. Make sure the app has SSL encryption so that your data sent from you to the casino will be encrypted and therefore safe. 

Apps vs in-browser games – advantages and disadvantages

Apps pros

  • A more streamlined interface with fewer issues in how the screen appears.
  • You can stay logged in and your progress and player account balance are constantly updated.
  • Easy access to your favourite games, no loading time.

Apps cons

  • Downloading the app can take several minutes and it requires a strong internet connection. If you are on data and your package is not unlimited, you might lose a lot of your monthly allowance. 
  • Apps take space on your hard drive. If you have several casino apps on your phone they might clog up your memory and make your phone slow. 

In-browser pros

  • The new games are often mobile-optimized before the app version comes out so you will have a wider selection of games in-browser.
  • No need to download an app and wait for the download to happen.
  • No space will be used on your hard drive.
  • No updates are necessary.

In-browser cons

  • You will need a strong Wi-Fi connection that is constant as you otherwise you won’t be able to access the casino at all. 
  • Some games might not be mobile optimized and can appear funny on the screen. 


Before downloading a casino’s app or accessing its in-browser page you should make sure that the casino is trustworthy. Always use a secure internet connection and if possible use a virus program on your iPhone. With these steps, you should have a safe and streamlined gaming experience that can be enjoyed on the go.

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