Kidoku – The Super Fun Sudoku Game for Kids

Training your kid’s brain capabilities since young age can be really beneficial for your kid to sharpen his mind and logical thinking. There are many games that are designed for this purpose. That’s why we looked and we found a sudoku game for kids to exercise their mind while playing and having fun. Read more about Kidoku. 

What is Kidoku?

Kidoku is a super fun sudoku game for kids that is developed for Android and iOS users. It’s easy to play and addictive. It will help you exercise the mind of your little one while he has fun playing. With sharp graphics, kids-friendly interface and entertaining sound effects, it will improve your kid’s logic and brain functions through fun and play.

Why Do We Love It?

This sudoku game for kids offers variety of features to exercise the brain of your little one through playing. With its simple gameplay and simple tap controls, this sudoku game is easy to learn. It has variety of sudoku levels to push your kid to think fast and strategically in order to complete each level. The levels are full of adorable animals to make the game even more entertaining for kids. The more the kid plays, the more challenging the levels get.

All kids need to do is to complete each sudoku level as fast as possible. Kids will get stars for their achievements in each level. Different power-ups are also available for the unlock as the kid plays to get through the more challenging sudoku levels. Even more so, Kidoku features a number sudoku classic mode that is perfect for older kids that want the real challenge. That mode also features hints, undo, erases and notes.

Allow your kids to play, complete levels, and have fun on this sudoku adventure while meeting many cute animals in this game. 

Download the game now on App Store for your kid to exercise the mind while playing fun sudoku!