mylivn – Your Stage to Share Content with the Community

There are tons of social networks available nowadays for you to connect with people and explore content. If you are looking for a network where you can share your creative content and explore content by people that share your interests, we looked and we found one app that offers this and much more. So, read more about mylivn.  

What is mylivn? 

mylivn is a social network that is developed for IOS users. It’s designed as your channel and stage to share your content with the community. Share videos, stories, and pictures and discover channels from around the world to connect with creative people. It’s tailored to make the social network you desire for sharing your creativity and connecting with like-minded people.  

Why Do We Love It? 

This social network offers variety of features to enjoy. Discover new content effortlessly with the app’s simple and intuitive navigation. Create content and connect in groups with people that share your interests. Check out what your friends are posting daily and watch stories from the community.  

An endless stream of videos and pictures from the community is available for you to enjoy. You will be able to discover the network’s best content in one place using this app. Also, you can explore any place in the world by posts and stories from the community, watching stories nearby or from all around the world.  

Furthermore, the PRO program of this app allows creators to monetize single and group channels. It will reward creators for their content and creativity. It offers the most trending content in one place for you to explore and share your own unique content with people that share your interests.  

So, download the app now on App Store to share and explore creative content from around the world! 

App Store Download Link: mylivn